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January 18, 2018 / 2:23 pm EST


PNC Jul 14, 2013
The Greenest Branch on the Financial Services Tree

A financial institution that has been in operation since before the Civil War and today has over 6 million customers in 19 states and Washington, D.C. is not generally known for a high level of sustainability and social awareness. However, most large financial institutions are not PNC, the Pittsburgh-based banking, investment, mortgage, and financial service company that has a reputation for both their highly tailored and effective services, and their status as an environmental leader. PNC’s commitment to both will help ensure a strong financial future for their clients, along with a bright green future for our planet.

Services offered through PNC encompass a wide range of financial products and resources for almost every type of customer. PNC’s strength is their ability to offer personalized financial solutions to all clients that are both comprehensive and convenient. The retail banking arm of PNC offers consumer and small business banking through almost 3,000 branch locations, over 7,000 ATMs, and a full range of online and mobile banking options. In the investment and financial management arena, PNC is known as one of the best companies for financially sound and “ultra-affluent” clientele, according to their Barron’s ranking for 2012. The company also offers banking services to corporations, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and government entities. In addition, the mortgage arm of PNC helps clients with their real estate purchases to the tune of $121 billion, and is recognized as a leader in the residential mortgage arena.

Every type of financial service and product needed to successfully manage, grow, and distribute money is available through PNC, so why is this company equally focused on maintaining a responsible environmental footprint through innovative and effective sustainability measures? Understanding that their large size, reputation, and continued longevity as a company goes hand-in-hand with a healthy and thriving environment, PNC has made a commitment to green practices throughout their organization.

One of the biggest measures PNC has taken to preserve and protect the environment is to build branches and buildings that are as green as possible. Each of their newly constructed buildings has earned them LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council; making them the company with the most LEED-certified buildings in the world. PNC is also able to say that their banking locations are officially “Green Branches,” since they have registered the term as a trademark with the federal government! Searching for innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to their building and construction needs has PNC into a class by itself, with the construction of a net-zero bank branch and the installment of the “PNC Green Wall” on the exterior of their company headquarters in downtown Pittsburgh, PA. Their green wall, similar in concept to a green roof, is a 2,380 square-foot vertical garden that has the ability to offset the carbon footprints of 602 people, increase the building’s energy efficiency, reduce noise, and reduce the heat exchange behind the wall feature by 65 degrees!

PNC also realizes that environmental efforts must reach beyond the grand gestures. It’s the small steps taken every day that help make a large impact, and PNC accomplishes this through sustainable initiatives in each workplace. Measures designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, and involve employees in green efforts are improving the way PNC does business. The company has already reduced their electricity use by 8%, with a goal of a 30% reduction by 2020. Departments have Green Teams comprised of employees who promote sustainability and help the company meet their green goals. Through recycling and waste reduction programs, PNC has kept 26 tons of garbage per branch location out of landfills. Even banking is greener with the online Virtual Wallet, a green lending program, and the financing of energy efficient projects for their mortgage holders.

A financial services company has a responsibility to help customers access tools and resources that give them the best financial future possible. PNC is a financial institution that knows in order to ensure clients have a strong financial future; they must ensure we also have a healthy environmental future. Keeping a focus on the “green” in both aspects is what makes PNC a standout in the financial world.

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