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Sentinel Investments
Sentinel InvestmentsFeb 10, 2014
Stewards of Your Investment Capital

Have you ever wished you could do more with your money? What if you could grow your investments while helping companies that are doing good in the world and, in turn, provide future generations with a bright green future? Sentinel Investment company  is a Vermont-based asset management firm that builds investment portfolios based not just on returns, but on ESG . . . that is, Environmental Stewardship, Strong Corporate Governance,  and Good Relations with employees and communities. It’s a strategy that has worked consistently since 1934, and is even more important in today’s world, where how a company operates is as important as, if not more important, than how it performs.

Sentinel Investments takes a unique approach to both how they screen companies for their investment portfolios, and how they approach the investment management process.

Sentinel’s Pillars of Investment

In order to choose companies that embody the Sentinel sustainable approach, the firm screens companies according to both qualitative and exclusionary screenings, encourages sustainability by giving shareholders a voice, and engages companies in order to help encourage sustainable change. Rather than screen companies for portfolio inclusion based merely on the financial returns, Sentinel’s investment managers instead look at the company’s overall operation: everything from how they treat employees to their use of sustainable business practices.

Companies are also included or excluded based on the practices they choose to support or engage in, according to Sentinel. The firm excludes companies that are involved in alcohol, tobacco, gambling, weapons, and nuclear power, or those that lack diversity. By using a “Three Pillar” strategy of screening, shareholder inclusion, and company encouragement to create investment portfolios, Sentinel Investments believes they can bring reliable, consistent results that will be maintained in the long-term, backed by a history of solid returns.

A Teamwork Approach

In order to successfully balance market research with managing client portfolios, Sentinel relies on teams of expert professionals. The portfolio management team provides analysis, plus monitors performance and keeps up on current market trends. The investing research team is responsible for researching companies’ sustainable, social, and financial profiles, and provides a comprehensive screening of companies for inclusion or exclusion in a Sentinel Investment portfolio. The research teams then continually monitor chosen companies to ensure they are adhering to Sentinel’s sustainable criteria.

Because they choose the companies they place their investments in so carefully, Sentinel offers investors a unique opportunity to grow their personal assets while supporting the growth and success of companies that are operating sustainably, making social strides, creating innovative products, and preserving the environment. The extensive screens performed by Sentinel’s research teams allow them to offer companies that are responsible and customer-focused, making a positive community impact, are non-discriminatory, are environmentally proactive, and have good labor practices. What better way to help companies do better than by providing ways for their shareholders and investors to reward the company while rewarding themselves?

Sentinel Investments offers a wide range of retirement, investment and trust asset management products, including domestic and international equities, multi-asset and fixed income funds, all managed by expert investment professionals. The company strives to provide core assets through basic strategies involving stocks, bonds, securities and cash. Sentinel Investments are not meant to be “all things to all people,” and that’s part of the beauty of their approach. When investors choose Sentinel, they are placing their investment capital in the hands of a company that pledges to be a steward of those assets, while likewise being a steward for companies who are doing good in the world.

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