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December 16, 2017 / 9:07 pm EST

Food and Drink

Black River Caviar
Black River CaviarApr 23, 2012
Melds Farm-Raised Quality With a Wild-Raised Taste

Caviar is one of the most exclusive luxury foods in existence. Whether you are a connoisseur of caviar or a curious newcomer to this delicacy, it helps to know where the caviar you are eating came from and that the methods used to produce the caviar were both legal and ethical. For not all caviar, nor all caviar producers, are made equal. That is why Black River Caviar, a caviar distributor based in Colorado, with farm-raised sturgeon raised organically and sustainably in Uruguay's Black River, invites all caviar aficionados to try their fresh, clean, creamy caviar and experience one of the world's most sought after delicacies. Black River Caviar is committed to the highest quality and taste while also working to protect the endangered sturgeon and produce their caviar in an ecologically sound manner.

Black River Caviar was many years in the making. It may seem counterintuitive to spend years to get a business up and running, but in the world of caviar, where sturgeons take twenty years to mature and can live to be one hundred years old, it pays to take the time to do it right. It all began with the founding of Esturiones del Rio Negro S.A., the only sturgeon farm in the southern hemisphere, located in the waters of the Rio Negro river in Uruguay and initiated by Walter Alcade, a longtime fishing industry veteran with connections to the world of Russian caviar. The United States distributor of Black River Caviar, Graham Gaspard, was himself knowledgeable about the world of high quality delicacies when he met Mr. Alcade in Uruguay and sampled some of the fresh caviar his company had farmed. A working relationship was formed, and Gaspard began distributing this ecologically-produced luxury food to caviar lovers throughout the world.

The difference between Black River Caviar and other varieties of caviar lies in the care and planning that went into choosing the farm location, selecting and raising the sturgeon, and keeping farming practices in line with all government regulations. Since Mr. Alcade was familiar with Russian caviar production when he began his sturgeon farm, he was also aware that illegal harvesting of endangered sturgeon to meet high demand was rampant. Together with two Russian contacts within the fishing industry, Alcade was careful to seek out a location that was both ecologically sound and ideal for raising sturgeon in a controlled environment. It is caviar harvested from these sturgeon, bred and cared for according to the regulations set by the United States, Europe, Uruguay and other governments, that Black River Caviar distributes to the luxury market.

Black River Caviar can be ordered directly from the website, where customers choose from Russian Ossetra in a 100 gram container or Siberian Ossetra in a variety of sizes, from 20 grams to 1000 grams. All of Balck River's caviar is produced directly for the needs of clients, ensuring that shipments will not come from storage, as Black River does not store any caviar. The female sturgeons used to produce the caviar are fed an organic, all-natural feed, and are selected at the most optimum stage for harvest. The result is a caviar that has a clean, nutty flavor that dissolves in the mouth to a creamy consistency. Black River's Caviar Master uses the malossol method, which means the caviar is produced with little salt, allowing the natural flavor to dominate. The caviar has been praised for its consistency in flavor and texture, with the only variance being a range of color from light brown to black.

To experience the fine luxury of the world's best caviar is a treat to be savored. To know that the caviar you are enjoying is also rated the highest for environmental sustainability and is produced in a way that supports an endangered species means you are free to enjoy one of life's greatest delicacies without worry.

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