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December 16, 2017 / 9:22 pm EST

Food and Drink

Zhena's Gypsy Tea
Zhena's Gypsy TeaMar 16, 2013
Brew a Cup of Organic and Fair Trade Tea

Sometimes life's most difficult moments can also bring life's greatest successes. This was certainly true for Zhena Muzyka back in 2000 when she was a new mother attempting to care for a son born with a severe birth defect. Instead of feeling defeated, Zhena brainstormed ways she could make enough money to keep up with her son Sage's rising medical care costs, as she had no health insurance at the time. With a small bit of seed money from friends and family, she began crafting batches of tea and selling them on the streets in California. Relying on an aromatherapy degree and her Ukrainian gypsy lineage, she soon found that her small batches of carefully blended flavors of tea, sold in small tins, were a big hit.

Not only did Zhena turn her idea into a successful and award-winning tea company, she also helped give her son the care and resources he needed to become a healthy and happy child. Zhena's tea is handcrafted from fine organic and fair trade ingredients, making this company about more than just selling a product. Zhena's is committed to sustainable operation and promoting fair trade, so much so that Zhena has become a sought-after speaker.  She talks to audiences about running a green business, empowering women, and offering inspiration to those who are at the point she herself was at only a little more than ten years ago.

Drinking a cup of Zhena's tea is an experience to be savored and enjoyed. Each tea blend is crafted from 100% organic and 100% fair trade certified ingredients, and all are hand blended. Zhena's is committed to only using the highest quality tea leaves, herbs, fruits and flowers, lending the teas a full and intricate flavor that can be likened to sipping a fine wine. Since the company only uses organic ingredients, tea lovers can be assured   there are no chemicals, dyes, artificial fragrances, or preservatives in any of Zhena's teas. A firm commitment to the environment ensures that, from the growing of the leaves to the packaging of Zhena's products, every effort is made to be as environmentally responsible as possible. In fact, Zhena's distinctive tea tins are made from tin-plated steel, one of the world's most recyclable packaging choices!

No matter what tea preference you have, Zhena offers a tea to satisfy you. Black, green, and white teas are blended into a rich variety of flavors: such as Vanilla Chai made with black tea, Mojito Mint Green Tea, or white tea blended into a Peach Daquari flavor. If you are drinking tea for health reasons, you may be interested in Zhena's Wellness blends, to Calm, Relieve, Renew, or Slim you. Customers can enhance their tea drinking experience with Zhena's tea accessories. You can find the perfect tea pot or mug, plus other tea accessories such as infusers and filters. Special blends tempt your tastebuds and may lead you to a new favorite flavor of tea. Chai tea lovers will love Zhena's rich coconut, caramel, chocolate and hazelnut flavors. Prefer fruity blends? Lemon or Acai Berry may be more your style. There's floral, tropical, and classic blends like Earl Gray, too.

As one of the first companies to embrace fair trade practices, Zhena's has a long history of supporting and advocating for living wages, safe working conditions, community support in farmers' communities, and advocating for environmentally sound farming. Founder Zhena Muzyka even created a "Robin Hood Laptop Project" in 2012, helping provide resources to the families of tea workers to help support their education. Can tea make a difference? It seems it can, if it's Zhena's tea. Not only do tea drinkers get teas that are healthy and sustainable, but Zhena's works to ensure that the Earth and the people who live off it have a bright future just like the one she created for herself and her family.


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