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December 16, 2017 / 9:11 pm EST

Food and Drink

Divine Chocolate
Divine ChocolateNov 27, 2013
This Chocolate is Divine . . . and Eco-Friendly

Have you seen Divine Chocolate's colorful, eye-catching chocolate bars? Or bitten into their rich, creamy flavors, ranging from Dark to Mint to Toffee? If so, then you may not have realized that the chocolate you ate was doing good for the farmers who supplied the cocoa, and the planet itself, too! How is this possible? It's because Divine Chocolate founded their chocolate company with both the Earth and their "farmer owners" in mind, along with the premium chocolate they produce. In doing so, Divine became the only fair trade chocolate company to also be owned by the cocoa farmers who supply it.

A Divine chocolate bar is like no other, in both appearance and in taste. The wrapper is adorned with a multitude of symbols, all with special meanings. They are called "Adinkra," and are hundreds of years old. These special symbols were developed by the Asante people of Ghana, where Divine Chocolate Company's farmers grow their special cocoa. The symbols were how the Asante people communicated before writing was developed. Even today, these symbols are used on fabrics, carved into and woven on crafts, and displayed on jewelry and t-shirts in Ghana. Their use on Divine Chocolate packaging represents the rich history of the people of Ghana and how closely tied the cocoa farmers of this country are to the chocolate enjoyed by people all over the world.

Divine Chocolate become a reality thanks to the liberalization of Ghana's cocoa market in the 1990's. Farmers in Ghana had a vision of organizing cocoa farmers, setting up their own company to sell cocoa to the state-owned Cocoa Marketing Company, who would then export the cocoa from Ghana. These farmers got together and formed a co-op, naming it "Kuapa Kokoo," meaning good cocoa growers. Their hope was that the co-op would help empower farmers, encourage them to create their own livelihoods, encourage women to be a part of these successful endeavors, and help cocoa production become environmentally friendly

By 1998, the co-op was ready to bring a fair trade chocolate bar to the world, not just as a specialty bar but as a mass market chocolate bar that could compete with the major chocolate companies. First introduced in the United Kingdom as "The Day Chocolate Company," the brand that represented the farming people of Ghana introduced their first product in late 1998. It was a collaborative effort between the co-op of farmers and growers that made up the Kuapa Kokoo, the Twin Trading fair trade coffee company, and an assortment of sympathetic organizations and supporters. In 2007, the company renamed itself Divine Chocolate Ltd, and it also expanded from the UK to the USA.

Today, Divine brings a variety of chocolate flavors to you in stores and online, with a share of all the profits going directly to the cocoa farmers in Ghana. If you're a traditionalist and prefer milk chocolate, Divine has your delicious, creamy milk chocolate by itself, or with sea salt, toffee, Hazelnut, or coffee. Does Dark chocolate rule your taste buds? Then you'll love Divine's 70% or 85% varieties, with ginger & orange, raspberries, mint, or all on its own. You may even favor white chocolate, and choose the indulgent treat plain or with strawberries. With the holidays coming up, you can even give a Divine gift to the chocolate lovers on your list. Count down to the big day with a fair trade milk chocolate Advent Calendar, or give a gift set featuring baking chocolate, the Mint Thins set, or the Deluxe Holiday set for an ultimate chocolate lover's gift. No matter which chocolate is your favorite, with Divine Chocolate, you'll be able to enjoy the "divine" flavor of premium chocolate brought to you by the good cocoa growers of Ghana.


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