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December 16, 2017 / 9:07 pm EST

Food and Drink

Numi Teas
Numi TeasNov 3, 2011
“Celebrating People, Planet and Pure Tea”

Studies abound touting the heath benefits of drinking tea. From beneficial antioxidants to disease prevention powers, tea is the healthy, comforting drink of choice for many. But how do you choose between all the teas on the market today? And are all teas made equal? Even healthy drinks need careful label reading to determine what is actually contained in the product. Some teas, although marketed as all natural, actually contain flavoring, fragrances, oils and a tea dust that requires tea makers to add ingredients to cover the bitter flavor. Numi Organic Tea may end your search for a truly all-natural tea product that has all the health benefits of tea without added ingredients or fillers. Not only is Numi Tea 100% natural and delicious, they are also highly focused as a company on sustainability and fair trade practices. It’s a brew that any tea lover can get behind.


Why 100% Real Ingredients Benefit Customers, Growers and the Planet


Numi Tea is made from real fruits, flowers and spices. There are no fillers, fragrances or other ingredients found in some teas that are marketed as “all natural.” This means that Numi Teas allow the real tea taste to shine through.  And with an offering of over 26 teas, plus bottled iced teas and “teasans” (Numi’s name for an herbal beverage made without tea leaves), you can be sure you’ll find a blend to suit your personal preferences. The company also sources many of their tea ingredients from Fair Trade Certified gardens, which allows farmers and growers to support their businesses and families. These fair trade policies also benefit tea garden growers’ communities in a bigger way, by helping fund community projects including new roads, mosquito nets, schools, and college scholarships. Numi Tea takes their efforts even further than that, with a vision to present a product that is earth friendly by way of production practices and packaging as well.


 “Green” Tea Is More Than Just a Color


Since Numi Tea began in 1999, the company has worked every year to make their teas organic and truly natural, to support suppliers and growers, and to operate in an eco-conscious manner. While many teas are made with the use of chemicals sprayed on the tealeaves, causing harm to workers’ health, Numi uses tea and herbs that are USDA certified organic. In 2011, the company updated all of their packaging, and the changes highlight how a company can produce a beautiful product while staying true to a green philosophy. All of Numi’s packages are made with 85% post-consumer waste. The company uses soy-based inks and also foregoes plastic wrappings. Even the tea bags themselves are eco-friendly. Instead of using corn-based or plastic tea sacks, Numi uses filter paper bags, which are natural and biodegradable. Numi also incorporates green practices into their production by using one solar powered facility and offsetting some of their carbon emissions with partner programs. Their efforts have paid off, with numerous awards for the tea itself, plus business and green awards.

To sit and relax with a cup of tea is one of life’s little pleasures. To sit and relax with a cup of delicious, natural tea that is made by a company with a commitment to you, to their suppliers and growers, and to the planet is unique. You can feel good about the health benefits Numi Organic Tea will give to your body, spirit and mind. You can also feel good about using tea products that have global benefits. For the company behind Numi Tea products, “celebrating people, planet and pure tea” just comes naturally.

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