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December 16, 2017 / 9:24 pm EST

Food and Drink

SambazonOct 21, 2012
Is On a Mission to Save the Amazon Rainforest

Is it possible to save Brazil's Amazon rainforest? “Changemakers” Ryan and Jeremy Black, founders of Sambazon, made it their mission to try after a vacation to Brazil in 2000. After trying the country's famed acai berries, the two men immediately started hatching a plan to found a company that would introduce the amazing fruit to the world, turn a profit, and save the rainforest. Were these goals too big? Not to Ryan and Jeremy, who stuck to their vision to create positive change in the world while also providing inspiration to others that a business can be successful and sustainable.

Sambazon is a name that sticks out among other companies for the way it rolls easily off the tongue, but it is also a name that has great meaning. “Sambazon” stands for Sustainable Management of Brazil's Amazon. Although putting out healthy, organic, delicious products is high on the company's priority list, of equal importance is their mission to do good in the world and inspire others to do so as well. Sambazon operates according to the “Triple Bottom Line.” The company measures their success in three areas, economically, socially and environmentally. It takes all parts of the production chain working together to make this philosophy work successfully.

The “Triple Bottom Line” concept starts with the native Amazon farmers who work the land. The company's founders have learned that saving the rainforest means making the trees too valuable to clear cut. The fruits and botanical ingredients are harvested by local families who farm the land and earn a living wage that is greater than what they would earn for cutting down the trees. This in turn fuels the employees of Sambazon, who take the ingredients harvested in the Amazon and turn them into delicious healthy products that turn a profit, which are purchased by customers who use Sambazon products to enhance their own health and wellness. It's a cycle that promotes good, spreads positive change worldwide and creates a successful, sustainable business model for others to follow.

In order to do the most good possible, the founders of Sambazon approach their company from several angles, including social responsibility, promotion of health and wellness, and operating according to environmentally sound practices. The native families in the Amazon region are earning decent living wages while also benefitting from the economic and educational opportunities available to them through Sambazon. The company promotes health and wellness to their customers by taking the ingredients the native workers harvest, such as acai berries, acerola, yerba mate, and guarana, and turning them into smoothie packs, freeze dried powders, energy drinks or sorbet that are nutritionally sound, organic, and vegan.

Sambazon's superfood juices are available in organic Acai, Acai Blueberry and Pomegranate, or Acai Strawberry and Banana. Their protein drinks are made with vegan whole food protein rather than processed soybean oil byproducts, and are also organic. These drinks are available in vanilla, chocolate, almond and coconut milk, and the “supergreens” formula with kale and ginger. Other products include Sambazon organic acai berry sorbet, frozen unsweetened smoothie packs with no added sugar, their all-natural energy drink, and the Acai Berry supplement, which is freeze dried and comes in powder form. So what is the Triple Bottom Line for Sambazon and the loyal customers who care about their health and wellness? It is possible to save the Amazon rainforest, even if you have to focus on one tree at a time.


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