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December 16, 2017 / 9:11 pm EST

Food and Drink

Sanani Coffee Company
Sanani Coffee CompanyMay 25, 2013
Offers Coffee Fit For a King

Is there any better way to start your day off then with having the time to relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee? It’s that one coffee that you look forward to getting up in the morning for: a fragrant, rich aroma, a full and lively taste, the one that brings your mind and your senses to life for the day. The Sanani Coffee Company knows that coffee drinkers are very particular about their preferred coffee, and they strive to provide one of the highest quality gourmet brews available on the market. After the first sip from a cup of Sanani Coffee, you will realize that this isn’t just a cup of coffee . . . it’s an experience that will make you feel like royalty. Backed by hundreds of years of cultivating and distributing one of the world’s finest and greenest coffees, Sanani is The Original Mocha Coffee™.

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of ordering a mocha coffee drink from your favorite local coffeehouse. If you are familiar with this popular drink, you may know that it is created using a combination of coffee and chocolate syrup. However, many people don’t know that long before the popular coffee brands of the world started offering mocha “flavored” drinks, for hundreds of years the people of the Arabian peninsula cultivated coffee beans that produced a coffee with a dark, rich, chocolaty flavor. This naturally organic coffee was grown on mountain terraces in the area now known as Yemen, naturally dried, and processed without additives, giving it a full-bodied taste that was completely unique. It first made an appearance on the international scene in the 16th century, when it was exported to the sultans of Ottoman in shipping sacks stamped with the port city of origin – Mocha.

Just as it has today, mocha coffee became immensely popular in Europe in the 1700’s. Bags marked Mocha were exported to Paris to be served in popular Parisian cafes, and famous names such as Voltaire and Napoleon Bonaparte chose this exotic and luxurious coffee as their personal favorite. Despite the fact that it enjoyed hundreds of years as the choice of fine coffee for kings, artists, and notable names in history, it wasn’t until recently that the original and true mocha coffee was made available again internationally. In 2007, Tariq Ausaf founded the Sanani Coffee Company to provide coffee connoisseurs across the globe with the premium mocha coffee from Yemen. “Sanani's beans are still cultivated and processed in the exact same way they were centuries ago,” says Sanani CEO Ausaf. “No chemicals or pesticides are used in its cultivation, and due to the primitive growing process this coffee finds itself way ahead of the organic race in its organic purity - not by choice, but by chance. It's the intrinsic value of quality like this that puts Sanani Coffee in a class of its own."

What is it like to take your first sip of Sanani Coffee? It’s rather like taking a first sip from a glass of fine and exclusive wine. It has a robust smell, and a flavor that has a bit of a wild quality, with hints of cocoa. It may be a unique and unforgettable experience drinking that first sip of Sanani, since we have been inundated with “flavored” coffees that are laden with fragrance, chemicals, and processed beans. The Sanani experience is completely different, since the flavor of the coffee comes from the single-origin bean, and the variations in flavor depend on the specific harvest, the coffee will always provide a slightly varied drinking experience.

Because the coffee beans are grown in such exclusive conditions, Sanani Coffee is only available in limited amounts and is highly sought after on the premium green coffee market. This is as it should be for a luxury product, according to Ausaf. “In the luxury consumer market, it is very important to provide a superior product, but we also need to have a positive impact on our planet. In our product, we feel that we have achieved both these goals." In addition to providing coffee that is grown, harvested, and distributed in an environmentally friendly manner, Sanani also believes that social consciousness is important. The company holds a high value on adhering to fair-trade practices, and offers a fair trade model where the native farmers set the price of their coffee, making it a true luxury item.

When you pour Sanani Coffee into your cup, you are joining the ranks of kings and celebrities the world over who have enjoyed the unique taste and exclusivity of this coffee’s true “Mocha” brew. Whether you’re entertaining guests, enjoying an after dinner treat, or getting your day started with your morning cup of java, when you bring out the distinctive silver and blue box from Sanani Coffee Company, you and your guests will instantly know you’re about to enjoy the extraordinary “King of Coffees.”


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