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December 16, 2017 / 9:23 pm EST

Food and Drink

Once Again Nut Butter
Once Again Nut ButterMar 18, 2014
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It was a chance suggestion that brought Once Again Nut Butter to life. Madison, Wisconsin’s Mifflin Street Co-op founders Jeremy Thaler and Constance Potter left the area to head to New York in hopes of starting a distribution center and bakery. One of the items they possessed was a barrel roaster, and after a suggestion that they try making peanut butter with it, they decided to give it a go. This was 1976, long before the many benefits of organic and sustainable farming and business were widely known. This never deterred Thaler and Potter from creating their thriving nut butter business, and establishing themselves as a not only a healthy, sustainable company, but one that is completely employee owned, too!

Now operating out of a large production facility located in Nunda, New York, Once Again Nut Butter makes organic nut butters, natural nut butters, honey, organic fair trade honey and roasted nuts. The company’s dedication to producing healthy, sustainable nut butter and honey has led them from their humble beginnings to becoming a Certified Food Safety and Fair Labor company, supporting a wide range of sustainable organizations, helping bee farms, and working to reverse the effects of bee Colony Collapse Disorder.

In addition to those good works, Once Again Nut Butter has worked with charity organization Jubilee House for over twenty years. The association began when the company planted a few acres of sesame in Nicaragua, and has grown over the years to become eleven farm co-ops, totaling almost 2000 farms. This work is extremely important to Once Again, as they have seen firsthand what the farmer co-ops can do for families and farmers.  They have also seen native banana and sugarcane workers on strike for years in the hopes they can get decent and necessary medical attention. In supporting farmers through Jubilee House, Once Again is helping to provide safe work and living conditions.

Even though nut butters are the “bread and butter,” so to speak, of the company’s operations, they are equally as devoted to their offering of honey and organic fair trade honey. Once Again offers clover, wildflower, killer bee and rain flower honeys, but has to go the extra mile to do so because of the devastating effect of Colony Collapse Disorder. Once Again supports organic and sustainable bee farming, and sources some of their honey from rural New York beekeepers, although they have to go outside the U.S. for organic honeys due to the 5-mile pesticide-free radius requirement for hives.

As an employee-owned company, Once Again Nut Butter is also a model of how a successful company can also be a fair, democratic business where all employees have a say and are invested, both personally and monetarily, in the future of their company. The company runs as an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, where all employee-owners have a vote on company management, employees have profit sharing bonuses, the company is involved in fair trade practices, and employees have a high degree of pride in their business.

Delicious, healthy nut butters are the backbone of what Once Again does, and they take their responsibility to their customers seriously. The Nunda, NY facility has its own testing lab, where all products and raw materials undergo testing to assure that they are of the safest and highest quality. Once Again has a nut butter to suit every preference. Rich, creamy and smooth almond butters, crunchy classic peanut butters, organic peanut butters with no salt, and even organic sesame tahini that makes use of the Jubilee House grown sesame. You can even have a crunchy, healthy snack with either dry roasted almonds or oil roasted cashews.

Once Again Nut Butter is a company that is truly all about a great product, but strives to be about so much more than that. Customers rely on Once Again for organic honeys, delicious varieties of nut butters, and healthy roasted nuts, but the world as a whole relies on companies like Once Again Nut Butter because they’re doing their part to help make the world a better place. Helping ensure that future generations have honeybees, that farmers and workers in underdeveloped nations have secure and safe jobs, and helping to provide Eco-conscious and socially responsible employment opportunities to their owner-employees makes Once Again Nut Butter about more than just nuts!


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