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January 18, 2018 / 2:22 pm EST

Happy Products

The SOi Company
The SOi CompanyDec 9, 2012
Making Scents for a Healthy Environment

During the holiday season, having a lighted scented candle to brighten up your space is a welcoming and festive touch. But the hidden dangers of most commercially sold candles might be enough to ruin anyone's holiday spirit. Most candles are made from paraffin wax, which is a fuel refining byproduct. It's the stuff that's found at "the bottom of the barrel" at the end of the petroleum refining process, and contains known carcinogens that are released into the air as paraffin candles burn. Even worse, these candles also let other contaminants into the air, the same that can be found in paint and varnish remover. Thanks to The SOi Company, as you toss all those harmful candles into the trash, you can look forward to replacing them with candles that are wonderfully scented, good for the environment, safe for your family to be around, and even biodegradable. This holiday season, you can enjoy your favorite scents without worry.

The environment in your home or indoor space has a large impact on your health and the health of your family and friends. The air you breathe should be clean and healthy. You may have used environmentally safe paints and other materials, such as carpets and furniture, to assure that toxins from the materials contained within these items didn't leach into the air of your home and cause long term health issues. Many people don't think that placing one or more innocent candles to complement the decor of the space and add a beautiful, comforting scent would have an impact on the health of the indoor environment. The SOi Company was founded to allow customers to enjoy scented candles that make a healthy environment because they burn clean, don't give off toxins, and are so safe that the melted all-natural soy oil can be used to moisturize your skin!

Each SOi candle is hand poured using kosher soy oil. This oil is special for several reasons. It burns at only 106 degrees, and the melted pool is warm, but won't burn when touched. The soy oil has great properties for skin, so the melted candle wax isn't wasted. Put it on dry or irritated skin or use it to help skin conditions including sunburn, psoriasis or eczema, or simply to keep it moisturized. The oil also helps SOi candles burn up to 40% longer than traditional wax candles, with none of the harmful toxins released into the air, and no soot.

Although SOi has their special triple-blended scents for any time of year, right now is a great time to try their specially blended holiday fragrances that are sure to make your space smell wonderful during holiday parties, or when you are relaxing with loved ones. The scents are carefully formulated to not be overpowering, but still add enough scent to fill a large-sized room. The SOi holiday scents include Fresh Mistletoe, Pumpkin Spice, Spiced Cider and Holiday Spirit. Whether you're purchasing one for your own space or to give as gifts, there are also plenty of SOi scents to please anyone throughout the year. Other available fragrances include Creme Brulee, Gardenia, Green Tea, Mandarin Cranberry, Pomegranate and Pear, Cotton, and Vanilla-Orange. SOi also offers additional exotic blends from Thai Lemongrass to Mediterranean Fig to "Nag Champa," a blend of sandalwood and champac tree flowers.

There's just something about a lighted candle that seems to make any space feel warm and inviting, and a scented candle adds that extra touch that allows people to relax, experience the nostalgia of another time, or make a space their own. With SOi candles, you can enjoy lighted candles that contribute to a healthier environment.


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