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January 18, 2018 / 2:30 pm EST

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BRELLIMar 25, 2013
The Luxury Eco-Friendly Umbrella

How often do you think about your umbrella? Chances are, it's when you can't find it when you need it, or when it has a problem, like when the spokes fail or the canopy turns inside out in the wind. There is an alternative to that basic black nylon umbrella with the metal spokes, and it's called a BRELLI. BRELLI umbrellas are made from special BRELLIX film, a material that is durable and strong, and eco-friendly bamboo. Each BRELLI comes in an organic cotton carry case for ease of use and storage, and all are designed to biodegrade in a landfill after they are thrown out, making the BRELLI the most stylish eco-umbrella around!

There is always a way to take an everyday item and improve it to make it more stylish, functional, or eco-friendly. Pamela Zonsius, together with Frederic Zonsius, wanted to create products that had all three of those qualities. Working together with a group of experts, Pamela took the idea of an eco-friendly umbrella and made it into a beautiful reality. From the use of bamboo to craft the handle and the spokes, to the development of the special film used for the canopy, the care and thought that were put into the creation of this collection of umbrellas lets customers know that they are purchasing a product that is truly special. Says Pamela, "The BRELLI is an experience not to be missed . . . it is an experience of beauty for the soul, for the planet and, of course, one's style."

Umbrellas are expected to perform a simple function: keep the sun, wind, or rain off the person under the canopy. A BRELLI umbrella performs this function with flair. BRELLIs are designed to be durable enough to withstand wind, rain, and sun. In fact, tests done by New York's Grove School of Engineering and My Design Life's Lisa Roberts found that BRELLIs can withstand up to 40 mph winds without turning inside out. If your BRELLI is used to keep the sun at bay as you walk or rest on the beach, you can feel confident that the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays are blocked. The special sun protection is actually within the canopy's plastic, not a coating that could come off after time. Your BRELLI will keep 99% of cancer-causing rays off your skin.

The materials used to make a BRELLI more lightweight than most conventional umbrellas, also contribute to its eco-friendliness. Each umbrella is hand made of hand-carved bamboo by skilled local artisans in a small factory in Thailand. The factory is part of an organization designed to help artisans use their craft skills to work and sell products globally. The special plastic film used to make the canopy, BRELLIX, is made from transparent PVC in the United States.  The BRELLI markers, for customers who want to personalize their BRELLI's by drawing their own designs on the canopy, are also made in the United States.

What is so great about a biodegradable umbrella? Plenty! The BRELLI is designed to be 100% biodegradable in a landfill, which means after 2-5 years, there will be no trace of the discarded BRELLI, not even toxins or heavy metals that leech into the dirt. As the BRELLI is biodegrading, it is actually doing the Earth some good! A bio gas is produced as the umbrella disintegrates, and this special gas is collected by the landfill and used to help power the landfill. Up to 90% of the energy used to create the umbrella initially can be offset by this energy collection.

An eco-friendly umbrella need not be stodgy or plain. In fact, a BRELLI is just the opposite. Stylish and fashionable, BRELLIs are the perfect accessory for any weather. There's no boring black here, as BRELLIs are available in transparent colors such as clear, gray, or pink; fun prints; or even blinged-out with chic Swarovski crystals. The organic cotton case gives you a convenient way to store and carry your BRELLI, plus the breathable fabric of the case helps your BRELLI dry out if you need to store it wet. From the moment you first open your new BRELLI, until the day when it safely and ecologically biodegrades, you can bet your BRELLI will be unlike any other umbrella you've ever owned.


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