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November 21, 2017 / 10:27 am EST

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EcoTulipsMar 18, 2012
Offer Beauty Without the Chemicals

As soon as daylight savings arrives, it seems like our thoughts immediately turn to Spring. For many, this means pulling weeds, buying bulbs and seeds, and transforming those sad winter yards into colorful gardens. And, as with many products we buy, we want to carefully select our plants, seeds, bulbs and garden care products to ensure that we are creating the healthiest garden for ourselves, for native birds, insects and animals, and for the environment. Nothing says "Spring" like a bright and beautiful tulip, and now there is a company offering organic tulips and bulbs that are pesticide-free. A garden full of EcoTulips look and grow just like every other tulip you'll see, but you can delight in knowing your EcoTulip garden is truly eco-friendly.


The owners of EcoTulips, Jeroen and Keriann Koeman are experts on the difference between traditional and organic tulips. Jeroen's family in Holland ran a traditional tulip-growing operation. The tulips were treated heavily with pesticides and shipped to the United States to be sold, just like 800 million tulip bulbs imported to the U.S every year. Once Jeroen came to the states to work, he met Keriann, who then introduced him to organic farming. Jeroen saw that it was not necessary to use chemicals to achieve a nice end result, and considered starting an organic tulip farm together with Keriann. However, since the overhead prevented this idea from taking shape, he then began to explore exporting organic tulips from Holland. He located one of the few tulip producers in Holland who grew organic tulips, and offered to distribute these tulips in the United States under the EcoTulips name.


Why is it so important to fill your garden with EcoTulips rather than regular tulips? The tulips provided to the Koeman's from Wilbrord Braakman's organic tulip farm may look like other tulips that come from Holland. But there are many important differences. The first difference is that these tulips do not arrive on our soil contaminated with toxic chemicals that then pollute our soil, worms, and insects. People who have organic tulip gardens might notice that these tulips are stronger and last longer, too. Then there are the bees. The dwindling bee population has made national news in the past several years, and many wonder if chemicals and pesticides are a contributing factor. The EcoTulips provide safe, non-contaminated plants for bees to visit and pollinate without worry.


EcoTulips offers both organic perennial and annual tulip bulbs, all imported from organic farms in the Netherlands, ensuring that there is an EcoTulip that is right for you no matter what your style of gardening is. Customers can choose from among the organic, fancy or botanical tulip varieties. Also, even though the company is called EcoTulips, customers can buy organic crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths and fritillaria for their gardens. If you are a seasoned gardener, you can plant your new bulbs with confidence, but Jeroen and Keriann don't want novice planters to miss out on the ease and beauty of having these bulbs in your backyard garden. The EcoTulips website offers planting advice and tips for ensuring that your tulips will be the talk of the neighborhood. Soon the word will spread that buying organic bulbs is one more way that we can ensure a better future for our planet.


For those that would like to see the EcoTulips up close, the 3rd Annual Organic Tulip Festival--the only festival of its kind--is coming up in April in Brightwood, Virginia at the Koeman's organic farm. Guests can enjoy tulips, of course. Twenty-thousand of them to be exact! The festival will also include wine from DuCard Vineyard, free-range pork, fun and educational activities, and a pick-your-own-tulip-bouquet for $1 a stem. There will also be a special Eco-Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. After seeing a garden or a field full of bright, beautiful EcoTulips, you can bet that the chemical dipped tulips of the past will become just a distant memory.


You can view the EcoTulips website with full a product catalog at:

For information about April's 3rd Annual Organic Tulip Festival, please navigate to:

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