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November 21, 2017 / 10:26 am EST

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Green Field Paper Company
Green Field Paper CompanyOct 3, 2011
Planting Paper and Saving Trees

There’s something about putting pen to paper that is calming and just a little old fashioned in these days of laptops, tablets and smart phones. Writing a note, writing in a journal, or sending a personal card to a friend has much more meaning now that so much of what we do is electronic. However, the fact still remains that in order to make paper, we need to cut down trees. Or do we? If you purchase one of the handmade paper products at Green Field Paper Company, you’ll find that you receive a product that is tree-free.


The company began in 1992 as Found Stuff Paperworks. Founder Jeff Lindenthal wanted a paper company where the paper was made using found or discarded items that contained fiber that could be reworked into handmade paper. Since that time, the company has gone through a name change and acquired new owners, Rick and Sheri Smith, in 2005, but has never cut down one tree in order to produce their beautiful products. Today, Green Field Paper Company makes note cards, envelopes, gift tags, wrapping paper, journals and many other products that are both unique and produced to have a low environmental impact.


The entire product line at Green Field Paper Company has roots in the earth, sometimes literally. In addition to products made using Hemp fibers and reworked fabric scraps, the company’s popular plantable paper is made using wildflower seeds that will grow when the used paper is planted in soil. The company works with a reputable seed company that tests all the seeds and verifies that the seeds are fresh. In addition, Green Field Paper Company does germination tests on their papers to make sure all the seeds will grow. And seeds aren’t the only unique item used to make paper products at Green Field Paper.  Other items found in their products include junk mail, product labels and even cornhusks, garlic skins and coffee chaff.


Producing paper that is 100% recycled and does not result in any trees being cut down is good news for the future of our planet and Green Field Paper Company goes beyond that at their San Francisco manufacturing plant and retail store. According to the company, “Green Field Paper strives to provide a qualitative experience that is rare in today’s mass-market economy and to create innovative quality products with a focus on environmental consciousness”. Their eco-focused actions as a company reflect this philosophy. They offset 100% of their electricity by purchasing wind energy credits, and are looking to reduce their impact further by incorporating solar infrastructure, micro-hydro turbines and geothermal heating. The water used to create their paper products is recycled back into the next batch, creating less water usage. Each of these environmentally minded business decisions serve to make the company even more sustainable. 

The impact of Green Field Paper Company’s philosophy has not gone unnoticed. In addition to their satisfied customers, the company has also won several awards for their paper designs and business practices, including the City of San Diego’s Recycler of the Year for various years and the San Diego Green Business Award. Customers have a wide variety of options for purchasing the products. Simply purchase a set of note cards or order tastefully designed wedding invitations. There is also the option of creating a fully customizable order down to specifying which seeds to include in the paper or having your company’s designs and artwork printed on Green Field’s paper products. Purchasing from Green Field Paper Products allows customers to bring back that personal touch of sending a heart-felt personalized item to a friend or loved one without having to worry about the impact it will cause on the environment.

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