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November 21, 2017 / 10:26 am EST

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InviteSiteSep 11, 2012
Lets You Send Invitations That Are Fashionable and Eco-Friendly

There are no shortage of companies that offer printed or do-it-yourself invitations and other stationary. However, if you are looking for invitations that are unique, eco-friendly, and a step above the rest, then you need to look no further than InviteSite. The company offers a variety of eco-friendly wedding invitations that are printed on "treefree" and alternative fiber papers with eco-friendly ink. Not only are the products available through InviteSite good for the planet, they are beautifully designed exclusively by the site and available in do-it-yourself kits or with in-house printing. When you order invitations, save the date cards, wedding programs, thank you cards and holiday cards through InviteSite, your printed product will be both one-of-a-kind and kind to the environment.

InviteSite is the culmination of two careers in the paper and printing industry. Co-founder Helen Driscoll was the owner of Fine Paper Company, a Pasadena-based retail space that sold handmade papers and offered letterpress printing. Co-founder Scott Rubel was a letterpress printer who opened his own printing shop, where he worked with both traditional machinery and new computer-based  technology. They combined their talents and opened InviteSite in 1999, once they saw that the Internet would be a viable way to bring fine paper products to their customers. Since that time, InviteSite has become known for their unique designs and an unwavering commitment to the environment. The company has won awards for their beautiful invitations, including the Bride’s Choice Award.

As a company, InviteSite shows their commitment to green in all their operations. The 6,000-square-foot factory where their invitations are produced uses no heat or air conditioning. Instead, they make use of open windows to keep the temperature at a reasonable level. Packing material for their products is made from dissolvable cornstarch and much of their other waste is recycled. In order to make their products, InviteSite relies on treefree and alternative fibers for many of their papers, and only use earth-friendly vegetable based inks. The use of such fibers as hemp, linen or cotton to make paper is a personal passion for co-founder Helen, since these are naturally archival and sustainable. Scraps at their factory don’t go to waste either. Twice a month, InviteSite sends five bins of leftover materials to LA’s BEST afterschool program to help kids develop their own creative vision.

While InviteSite's designs receive recognition and admiration, what really sets their invitations and products apart is the paper. Both Helen and Scott were veterans of the printing and paper production industry, and both had a passion for rich, luxurious papers. Helen's background included selling rare and antique books before opening her retail shop, and has since brought that luxurious aesthetic to InviteSite's exclusive designs. The papers used to create InviteSite's products are either handmade, imported from Europe, treefree or 100% post consumer recycled. Adding to the unique look and feel of InviteSite's paper and designs is co-founder Scott's knowledge of unique type, based on his love of wood-engraving, drawing, and the use of interesting equipment such as19th-century to mid-20th century printing presses. It all adds up to InviteSite's mission of combining beauty with practicality in an eco-friendly way.

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