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November 21, 2017 / 10:26 am EST

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Ecojot's Fine Paper Goods
Ecojot's Fine Paper GoodsAug 10, 2013
Jot Your Doodles and Thoughts

There’s just something about fine quality paper goods that make many people giddy. Cracking open a new journal or finding the perfect set of whimsical notecards tends to awaken the spirit just a little. Or maybe it’s putting that stack of fresh new notebooks and supplies in your kids’ backpacks for the first day of school, or letting that blank sketchbook page speak to you as you contemplate what to draw. The quandary for many, however, is how to balance the enjoyment of paper goods with the commitment to be eco-friendly. If you’ve ever wished there was a company that offered products that were stylish, beautiful, and eco-friendly, then you will love Ecojot!

It was the intention of brother and sister team Mark and Carolyn Gavin to combine a love for paper and art with care for the planet when they formed Ecojot in 2007. Carolyn is the artistic member of the team, who designs distinctive whimsical artwork for the company’s cards, journals, planners, wrapping paper, and other products. Mark ensures that Ecojot can offer a high-quality sustainable product and “do good” in the process. Together, Mark and Carolyn have created a product line that encourages customers to express themselves while also expressing their love for people and the planet.

Anyone who has tried to find eco-stationary and paper goods knows they will encounter the dilemma of earth-friendly versus high quality. Many recycled or eco-paper products are not chic or durable, while many luxury paper goods are not eco-friendly. Not only does Ecojot put care and thought into creating quality products, such as their durable sketchbooks and weekly planners, but they also locate and produce items that are not harmful to the environment.  This is achieved by forgoing chemical inks and using post-recycled papers or innovative materials. Most of Ecojot's products feature recycled, chlorine and acid-free papers printed with vegetable based inks, made from post-consumer waste, or made from non-tree materials like the wheat & straw sketchbooks.

Creating products that are both beautiful and green is already a great mission, but Ecojot goes above and beyond. Says co-founder Mark Gavin, “Ecojot is more than just pretty ink on 100% post-consumer recycled paper! We are a B Certified company, which means that our business is responsible for positive social change. In our case, our GIVE program (now in year 4) has provided over 240,000 pens and notebooks to kids in some of the poorest countries on the planet. We believe that literacy and education is a means to alleviate poverty.”

In order to operate as a B Certified company, the business must be certified by the non-profit organization B Lab to meet strict standards. Once certified, a company can fulfill the mission of a B Corp, which is to use business to solve social and environmental problems. Ecojot is proud of their B Corp status and works hard to demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental causes. In addition to their successful GIVE program, which is continuing this year with their 2nd Annual GIVE Concert on September 26, co-founder Mark will travel to St. Lucia and Grenada in collaboration with the Rainforest of Reading program to hand out books, workbooks, pens, and incentives to children in 250 schools. In the past, Ecojot has handed out workbooks and pens to children in Haiti, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Poland and other locations across the globe, including providing art supplies to the Center of the Arts in Port au Prince, Haiti. The donations of workbooks and pens are possible thanks to Ecojot’s customers! Just purchase the Ecojot Jumbo Journal, and the company will donate one set of supplies.

Ecojot’s mission is to help promote education and literacy among the world’s children, and it's combined with creating paper products people love that do no environmental harm. What could be better? When you jot your note or drawing onto your Ecojot product, feel good knowing you can express yourself while expressing your love for the planet.


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