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January 18, 2018 / 2:22 pm EST

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Schimmel Art
Schimmel ArtNov 16, 2010
Sophistication meets Eco-Art

Wonderful works of art evoke different emotions and reactions and can truly touch your soul. But does the world of art touch the soul of our planet a little too much? How much consideration is given to the environment when artists are producing these fantastic and beautiful creations? Sandhi Schimmel Gold has taken up the challenge of merging the creative, and often flamboyant, art world with protecting the environment. And she does it with finesse; in her own words she produces “Fine Art with a Green Heart”.

A World Infused with Color

Sandhi received a traditional education in fine art at the Arizona State University. She was then taught how to mosaic in Italy, Turkey and Cyprus. Her travels and education have given her an eclectic background to draw upon. Painting and mosaic are now Sandhi’s disciplines of choice. She has a vision to create a collection of images that are connected by color, using materials that would normally have been thrown in the garbage.

The uniqueness of Sandhi Schimmel’s art comes through her ability to see words, numbers and sounds infused with color. She has an eidetic imagery, akin to a photographic memory, which means in her mind she literally projects her images onto a blank canvas. Sandhi also has a deep devotion to working only by hand. Absolutely no technology, programs or dies have been used in her creations. They are all hand-cut, hand-painted and hand-finished.

Keeping the Junk out of the Landfills

When faced with a problem of a mounting pile of junk mail, Sandhi chose to get creative. “People often ask - what came first - the art or the material?” says Sandi, “for me, the resource I use [junk mail] was a real solution to a problem - how to create mosaics without cutting glass.” By up-cycling junk and waste paper she is able to produce unique fine art pieces that are also eco-friendly. Whenever she can, Sandhi repurposes and reuses canvas and frames.

Sandhi Schimmel is very aware of greenwashing. “Is it a gimmick? Heck no - I'm both a fine artist and an environmentalist,” stresses Sandhi. She is absolutely adamant that she has a foot solidly in both the fine art world and the "caring for the earth" camp. All her creations are made by using up items that would normally just get thrown away, such as junk mail, old photos, greeting cards, old calendars. Any paper waste is happily reused by Sandhi. In addition she only uses water-based, non-toxic, acid-free adhesives and materials. Totally eco-friendly fine art is what you get when you engage Schimmel Art.

"My pictures are made of thousands of incongruent pieces - images and text,” explains Sandhi, “assembled like a mosaic; the tiles create an entirely new image - a portrait, a landscape, a fantasy - directly from my imagination, utilizing materials that would otherwise go to waste." Sandhi Schimmel has had a number of solo exhibitions highlighting her eco-friendly fine art. She has also been involved in group shows and exhibitions around the country. Her work is on display in a number of corporations and museums throughout America, including the Denver Children’s Hospital.

If you would like to see more of Sandhi Schimmel Gold’s gorgeous pieces of art, check her website out at




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