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November 21, 2017 / 10:26 am EST

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The 3rd Annual Eco Arts Awards
The 3rd Annual Eco Arts AwardsOct 27, 2013
Show What Ecology Means to You

People who are passionate about an idea often love to share that passion with others, and what better way to do that then through creative arts? That's the idea behind the Eco Arts Awards, an annual competition that allows songwriters, artists, photographers and writers to share their creativity with the world while promoting an ecological theme. The international competition accepts entries in four categories: Songwriting, Literature, Fine Art, and Re-purposed Materials in Art and Design from amateurs, professionals and students. Sharing a passion for the environment with an Eco Arts Award Competition entry allows contestants to be recognized for their work, win cash prizes and promote a planet-focused message.

The Eco Arts Awards Competition was founded by Kathryn Edwards, an advertising and publishing executive who shares her passion for the arts with time spent organizing festivals and exhibitions, and by helping the local arts community with their cultural policies. She created the Eco Arts Awards competition to help promote the vast well of untapped or unknown yet talented artists who seek to express their love of the Earth through their favorite creative mediums. Entries are accepted from all over the world, and submission is a breeze with an online submission process that allows entrants to simply upload mp3's, documents or photos.

Interested entrants must submit their entries by November 4, 2013 with online being the preferred entry method, although submissions can be mailed as well. The submissions then undergo several rounds of judging by a jury of experts, who will choose the semi-finalists, finalists, first place winners and one grand prize winner. All winners will be announced through the Eco Arts Awards newsletter in January 2014.

The jury of experts who are tasked with judging the entries are notable in their areas of expertise and feature Lloyd Herman, formerly the Director of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Maria Epes in the Fine Art Category, Canadian Producer of the Year and head of A & R Sony Music Canada Mike Roth in Songwriting, professor and writer Allen Combs in Literature, and many others.

There are four categories of art accepted in the Eco Arts competition. The Songwriting category is not limited to a particular genre, all styles of music from country to blues to rock are accepted as long as the focus is on an ecologically thematic issue. Literature entries can be poems, essays, stories and even blog posts of up to 5,000 words. Fine Art submissions can include photos, paintings, drawings, sculptures and mixed media, with an emphasis on recycled, re-purposed or non-toxic materials if possible. The final category, Re-purposed Materials in Art & Design, allows artists who create using found objects to submit entries.

In addition to promoting artists and submissions through the Eco Arts competition, the organization also supports eco-focused affiliates and associates. The Dogwood Alliance, the Resource Depot and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy are this year's associates. The Dogwood Alliance spreads the word about forest destruction and helps large corporations like McDonald's to conserve our forest resources. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is focused on preserving the Appalachian Trail for today's visitors and for future generations. The Resource Depot collects materials and provides them for free to teachers. Additional associates are Simple Earth and Ocean Child Indie Art.

Whether you're an artist interested in submitting your work, or simply a lover of art and the environment, the Eco Arts Awards brings like-minded people together for the purpose of showcasing creativity and promoting an environmental message using creativity and talent. Check the Eco Arts Awards website for information, finalists, and the winners and get introduced to some of the world's most talented eco-artists!


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