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December 17, 2017 / 4:21 pm EST

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Sustainable Beauty
Sustainable BeautyNov 1, 2008

What makes life worth living? “Give us bread, but give us roses,” goes the famous labor poem, and song, as true today as ever. Sustaining ourselves is not about sacrificing beauty, especially natural beauty. Organic flowers fill our lives with great color, scent, and appearance while contributing to a better world. With $40 billion spent annually on floral goods, consumers who insist on organic standards will have a substantial impact on people’s lives.

Organic Bouquet stands out as the first and most comprehensive organic florist, at the forefront of creating and sustaining a global network of organic growers. From classic roses to gerbera daisies, exotic lilies, and stunning lavender, Organic Bouquet offers a full range of floral arrangements as well as gourmet gifts, ecologically sourced plants, and handcrafted wreaths. Weddings and other events become eco-beautiful with a box of 84 brightly colored Gerbera Daisies ($179.99). For those concerned about the carbon footprint of transportation, there is a choice between domestic and imported blooms, enhanced by Organic Bouquet’s contributions to a Climate Trust sponsored carbon offset program.

CEO and founder Gerald Prolman personally insures that flowers are not just grown organically but that the workers, countries, and environments are sustainable and fair. Explaining why he visits the farms so frequently, Perlman explained, “There are extraordinary people doing amazing things behind the products we consume. Farmers and artisans help make our world a beautiful place. Their special care for the earth or for creating works of beauty deserves acknowledgement. I personally enjoy products more when I have a connection with the producer and know something about the origin."

All green products have multiple degrees of sustainability. Organic Bouquets helped develop the industry-wide Veriflora certification, overseeing the organic commodity chain from seeds and land to fair labor and farm community development. The website is a treasure trove of information on eco-friendly standards for each product, including Biodynamic, Fair Trade, and even Transitional.

To share in life’s glories of bread and roses, consider two dozen peony-like Esperance roses in deep pink and cream ($69.95) whose proceeds help benefit Second Harvest, the premiere hunger relief organization in the US. Prolman sums it up, “Our flowers have a deeper layer of beauty that comes from the comfort of knowing that the people who grow our products and the land they grow it on are treated with respect. Organic floral production is part of one movement toward a better world.”

By Alice Julier

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