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December 17, 2017 / 4:14 pm EST


BeginAgain Toys
BeginAgain ToysJun 2, 2012
Have Play Value and Planet Value

For children, play is the gateway to the world. Through developmentally appropriate play, children learn social and academic concepts in a fun, imaginative way. Parents are often on the lookout for toys that will engage and inspire their children. The abundance of choices available today sometimes makes this an overwhelming task. Many parents are equally concerned about the safety of toys, both for their children and for the environment. Reports in recent years of lead in toys and recalls due to various reasons ranging from choking hazards to safety failures make this an even more important consideration when choosing children's toys. Parents who want to give their children eco-friendly, safe products will want to visit the “workshop” at BeginAgain Toys. In today’s fast paced world, the opportunity to invent, create and imagine with toys that have “play value” plus “planet value” is priceless.

BeginAgain is the venture of two award-winning toy industry veterans: Fort Collins, Colorado-based Chris Clemmer and David Bowen. Together, Chris and David were the founders of Sprig Toys, an award-winning eco-friendly toy company that was acquired by WHAM-O in 2010. Instead of resting after Sprig was acquired, the two decided to begin another adventure, focusing on creating toys that were non-electronic and, again, eco-friendly. Soon BeginAgain was born. The inspiration for this newest toy company was Benjamin Barlowe, an inventor who lived in Fort Collins in the early 20th century. Barlowe's playful and inventive style was the perfect fit for these two toymakers, who were looking to provide children with an old-fashioned sense of fun and adventure. The new company soon formed a partnership with nearby Boulder, Colorado's Barbera Aimes, founder of ImagiPLAY toy company, who now serves BeginAgain in an advisory role. BeginAgain acquired this much loved, eco-friendly brand and offers the ImagiPLAY toys along with their own designs.

Renewable, plant-based materials like bio-resins, sustainably harvested wood, natural rubber and cotton are a big part of the solution.” To "do more," BeginAgain goes the extra mile, using methods to recycle and reduce, taking the "oil out of play" by not making toys with oil-based materials, and by donating 1% of their profits to the local community.

BeginAgain's fun, colorful toys are based on Barlowe's five styles of children's play. All toys are categorized according to "A WISH" for well-balanced play, an acronym that stands for the artist, the writer, the inventor, the sportster and the hero. An additional category, the beginner, offers toys suitable for the littlest children who are just beginning to use play to explore the world. Each WISH category has toys appropriate for developing that play style in children: art sets for the artist, role-play toys for the writer, construction kits for the inventor, outdoor toys for the sportster, and adventure figures for the hero are just a few examples.

If your WISH is to find quality, eco-friendly toys that are designed to keep your children engaged in active, imaginative play, BeginAgain is prepared to grant your wish! While parents can feel great about purchasing toys that are sustainably made and developmentally appropriate, the best reward will be seeing your child absorbed in the world of imaginative play. It's a world of endless possibility, without a battery or a screen in sight . . . only the boundless enthusiasm of children doing what they do best: play.

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