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November 21, 2017 / 10:40 am EST


Eko Bear
Eko BearApr 6, 2014
Has All the Toys a Child Could Wish For...and They’re Green, Too!

Have you ever watched a young child learn to sort the recycling from the trash? Linda Peters did when her son was young, and she was struck by how quickly he understood the difference between the two. When he was a bit older, she set out to find him some Eco-friendly toys to play with, and was frustrated by how difficult it was to find green kid’s toys at her local shops. Already interested in having her own business, Linda decided that she could combine her two passions, and Eko Bear was born. The online retailer, based in Canada, offers affordable, Eco-friendly toys and products for children from more than 50 companies, providing the options Linda didn’t have to parents who are equally concerned with the safety of their children and the planet.

From the moment children take their first breaths, parents want to provide the best, safest, and healthiest opportunities available. Often, those choices are the greenest ones, too. Linda says, “Eko Bear selects brands which offer products that are safe for our little ones as well as our planet. The toys are made from eco-friendly materials, non-toxic paints, and just as importantly free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates. Our passion is to provide greener choices to your classic toys and innovative ones too all made with your children in mind.” The Eko Bear website helps parents choose toys by providing clear photos and detailed descriptions, often including the materials used in the products and how the products are produced. The Brand page features the story behind every brand Eko Bear carries, so parents can learn about the companies they are supporting, too.

Every category of children’s toy is offered by Eko Bear, from animals and art to cars and traditional wooden toys. Eko Bear also carries lunch and backpack options, teethers and baby rattles, and bath items. Parents can breathe easy knowing that every item their child is exposed to is safe, healthy and planet friendly. Eko Bear also offers schools and daycares the opportunity to fundraise with Eko Bear. When organizations register to fundraise, a portion of every sale generated directly by shoppers of the fundraiser is donated to the organization. Shoppers are able to support facilities they care about, and be green, too!

No matter what your child is passionate about, Eko Bear is sure to offer toys and products to fuel their imagination and support developmentally appropriate play. Open ended and non-toxic art materials from Glitter Pie and Artterro offer hours of creativity. Wooden toys from Discoveroo, Manny & Simon, and Tegu offer little hands the ability to build or play as much as possible. Little girls will delight in dressing in Sarah’s Silks, using Luna Star mineral makeup, and painting their fingers and toes with Piggie Paints, while boys will love building models with Kidsonroof products or pushing their small Green Toys cars and trucks.

Bathtime is healthier and more fun with natural rubber bath toys from BeginAgain and CaaOcho. Even meal and snack time gets an Eco-boost with Eko Bear’s selection of straws, bags, and utensils from Glass Dharma, KangaSac, Kids Konserve, and The Sling Sisters. Keep your new Eco-friendly toys organized with My Stow-n-Tow totes, while keeping your child’s day organized with the 70% recycled magnets included in the Easy Daisies Magnetic Schedule for Kids. Even story time is greener with selections from Barefoot Books and green start’s books and games.

Many of the companies offered through Eko Bear not only produce green and healthy products, but do their best to give back in some way. Anouk’s Ark hopes to spread awareness about endangered species through their products. eeBoo produces products from paper, cardboard and non-toxic inks using sources recognized for their green manufacturing processes. Grimm’s toys come from sustainably managed European forests, while Hevea donates to the World Wildlife Fund whenever one of their Panda Teethers is sold.

Are you a parent who is searching for the healthiest, greenest options for your own children? Do you like to support companies, many of them started by parents just like you, who promote the health and well-being of children and the planet? Thanks to Eko Bear, you can pick from among the greenest and best options available today, all without ever having to leave the comfort of your home!

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