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November 21, 2017 / 10:40 am EST


Estella’s Designer Infant and Children’s Clothing
Estella’s Designer Infant and Children’s ClothingNov 9, 2012
is Simple, Sustainable and Elegant

There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling clothing out of the closet that your children won’t wear. They complain that it’s too itchy, or too tight, or too drab, and while they fling it to the floor, you lament over the money wasted and wish that you could find beautiful, simple clothes and end the clothing battle. Estella Children’s Clothing understands. Their New York-based store has both the sophisticated fashions from around the world that you are looking for, plus the simple, soft basics that are easy to wear, easy to take care of, and pair well with almost any outfit. It’s just a bonus that the clothing offered by Estella supports mom designers from across the globe, and native Bolivian workers who make a fair living wage creating Estella’s knit layette collection.

Estella is the brainchild of Jean Polsky, who started the company together with her husband Chike Chukwulozie in 2002. A lifelong lover of fashion, Jean grew up knowing she would someday work in the world of colorful, inspirational, flowing fabrics, it just took a while for her to determine where her focus lay. After graduating from Harvard University, she was a buyer for Bergdorf Goodman, went back to Harvard to get her MBA, and then by chance found her calling while traveling through Europe. As a fashion lover, she was taken with the beautiful fabrics and unique pieces in small children’s clothing collections she discovered in the countries she visited. Appalled that these amazing clothes were unheard of in the States, she returned home to New York City with the idea that she could begin offering these children’s clothing pieces through her own store.

The opening of Estella was a success as she began offering designer children’s fashions such as Album di Famiglia and Bon Bon. Her customers adored the beautiful designs, soft fabrics and unique pieces they found at Estella. Soon, however, Jean discovered there was a need going unmet. Her customers needed simple basic pieces to pair with the beautiful fashions they were buying, clothes that were soft and easy to care for, yet easily mixed with the unique items they already had in their closets or that they were purchasing from Estella’s collections. In short order, Jean began to offer the Estella bamboo baby collection and the Estella Organic Cotton Kids collections, and customers responded immediately and enthusiastically.

The Estella collections Jean began offering were designed especially for parents who needed pieces that are easy, soft, and comfortable. The baby layette is made with bamboo because the plant is renewable, the fabric is stretchy so it lasts longer, and it keeps baby’s skin drier than many other fabrics. The organic cotton kids clothing is made in the United States and features carefully selected 100% organic cotton.  According to Estella, this organic cotton comes from the best Japanese supply. It has no harsh pesticides or chemicals, making it safe on the skin of even the most sensitive child. The Estella brand also features knit toys hand made by local artisans in Peru.

While the Estella collections are sustainable and eco-friendly, due to their use of bamboo and organic cotton, and the sustainable production practices both in America and Bolivia, many of the outside brands Estella carries are eco-friendly, too. The Lotus Springs infant blankets are super soft and designed by an eco-friendly company based in the United States. Holland’s Imps & Elfs line is made with an organic cotton blend. In addition to clothing for babies, toddlers and children, Estella also offers several lines of handmade soft toys, including handmade dolls by Jess Brown and plush stuffed animals by Jellycat. Babies will be warm and comfortable with Estella’s variety of soft and cozy baby blankets, plus baby items such as hats and baby booties.

It is the firm belief of Estella that babies and children deserve luxury, too. Items that are beautiful, unique, and sustainable are what Estella’s luxury children’s clothing is all about, so parents can find the perfect items for their little ones knowing they will be happily and beautifully worn.


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