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January 20, 2018 / 5:45 am EST


YummyEarthOct 26, 2011
Hand Out YummyEarth Treats for a Healthier Halloween

In the post-Halloween candy check, most kids will groan with disappointment at the appearance of “healthy” candy treats in their trick-or-treat bag. YummyEarth is changing those groans to shouts of delight, one sweet treat at a time. As the nation’s number one organic candy company, YummyEarth is redefining healthy candy. No longer do parents have to worry about candy loaded with high fructose corn syrup, or feel sad because they have to deny their allergy-prone, gluten-free or nut intolerant children the simple pleasure of a lollipop or bag of sour candies. No longer do children have to endure “healthy treats” that taste awful. This Halloween, children can enjoy a treat that is truly made with organic, healthy ingredients. Parents may even find themselves sneaking a few of YummyEarth’s treats, hoping to share in the simple pleasure of a sweet treat on a kid’s (or kid at heart’s) favorite holiday.


It’s hard to deny that kids love candy. And, as hard as parents try to give their children what’s best for them, sometimes a sweet treat is in order, especially with candy-friendly holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Yet even vigilant parents can inadvertently give their children candy that has chemical additives or artificial colors and flavorings that are, at best, unhealthy and at worst, harmful to a child with allergies or food intolerance. Rob Wunder and Sergio Bicas wished that they could allow their small children treats occasionally, ones that they could feel good about. That one idea led to the formation of YummyEarth, a candy company that is as revered for what is in the candy (real fruit extracts, coloring from vegetables), as what is not. All of YummyEarth’s treats are:


  • Gluten-free
  • Peanut-free and tree nut-free
  • Free of high fructose corn syrup
  • Free of artificial dyes, including food dye #4, #5 and Blue Lake
  • Wheat, corn syrup, casein, soy and dairy-free

YummyEarth was originally started with the intention of providing children and their concerned parents with a healthy, organic alternative to the candy products offered by the bigger manufacturers. What the company’s founders didn’t count on was how many frustrated parents were looking for safe, sweet treats for children suffering from food and dye allergies and intolerances. A large portion of YummyEarth’s customer base are children and adults who wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy a piece of candy for fear it would cause a reaction, or worse, send them to the hospital. There’s no need to worry about what is in a YummyEarth treat, as all ingredients are clearly listed on the package, and finished candy products are sent to the University of Nebraska for nutrient and contaminant testing. The company responds to their customers’ needs and wants, as well. In 2008, YummyEarth stopped using Wheat Grass juice in their products, since it caused too much confusion for their gluten-free customers.


In addition to providing a healthier alternative for our nation’s sweet tooth, YummyEarth also takes their manufacturing and production process seriously. The company has two plants producing candy; one in founder Sergio’s native Mexico and another in Germany. Together, the two facilities are closely monitored to be sure there is no cross-contamination of any kind and that each facility is held to high inspection and safety standards. The sugar used in YummyEarth’s Mexico facility is highly sustainable as it is grown by local family farmers. YummyEarth proudly supports fair wages for all their international workers, and also uses fresh locally grown products when possible to help reduce the company’s carbon footprint.  The company works hard to reduce the amount of wasteful packaging needed by providing candy packaging that is eye-catching while also being reusable and re-sealable. However, being eco-friendly is sometimes a delicate balance, as shown by requests from customers who were corn sensitive who could not tolerate candy wrapped in corn based packaging. The company stopped using those biodegradable corn based wrappers in order to protect their customers’ health.


At this spooky time of year, or any time families and children are looking for a treat that will satisfy their sweet tooth along with their planet-consciousness and health-consciousness, YummyEarth provides a sweet treat you can feel good about.


For information on where to buy and a great video featuring the founders of YummyEarth, Rob and Sergio, giving a tour of one of their factories, visit:

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