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January 20, 2018 / 5:46 am EST


Hanna Helps
Hanna HelpsNov 1, 2008

If you saw them on a kid at the playground, you might not realize that Hanna Andersson’s children’s clothes are particularly green. After all, they’re made out of soft knit cotton, not nubby hemp, and the bright colors are a far cry from the muted earth-tone spectrum that some eco-consumers have come to expect.

For children and parents, these features may be an important part of Hanna Andersson’s charm, especially once you realize that the clothes really are green on the inside. The comfortable, high quality, Swedish-inspired knit styles are designed to last, while easily withstanding enthusiastic play.

Over fifty percent of the catalogue is also certified with the Öko-Tek 100 standard, which means that every aspect of the clothing, from the fabric to the buttons, is tested for over 100 harmful chemicals commonly used in manufacturing. While this standard is becoming common in Europe, it still provides a degree of protection that is rare in the United States and other countries. In addition, many of the clothes are made of organic cotton, including most pieces from the baby collection.

Rounding out a business model that is committed to the overall well being of children and their future, the company also donates a portion of proceeds to a variety of charities that support sustainable change for at-risk youth, through a program called Hanna Helps.

Kids don’t need to know about all that, though, to love Hanna Andersson clothes. The styles are cute, comfortable and versatile. Designs feature a rainbow of colors, bold stripes, and bright floral options for girls. The range of products available is also unusually large, with tops, bottoms, underwear and shoes for babies and older boys and girls ($20 to $35 for most pieces).

While the focus is definitely on kids, Hanna even helps out the rest of us by including similar lines of casual clothing and sleepwear for grown-ups who want to get in on the fun. Choose from a range of comfy options in matching funky prints, and soon the whole family can be lounging in style.

By Laura Gyre

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