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December 16, 2017 / 9:17 pm EST


Organic Fashion for Kids
Organic Fashion for KidsMay 28, 2010
Kimono Style

Kimonos have a long history in Japan and at one time, represented the dominant style of clothing worn in the country. Nowadays, the concept of the kimono has entered mainstream cultures – appearing in silk wrap dresses and seductive organic cotton blouses. From bamboo onesies to colorful summer dresses, the kimono style has also made a profound impact in the designs of eco-friendly clothing for children.

In Japan, the kimono is an attractive piece of clothing that offers a stylish wrap style usually worn to match the seasons. The springtime offers bright colors and spring floral patterns. Bamboo, pine trees, and plum blossoms are especially popular during the winter season, the holidays, and for bringing good luck and prosperity. Many manufacturers of green fashion have tapped into images of nature when designing kidswear.

Organic Kimono Fashion

The materials used to create organic fashion range from highly sustainable bamboo and hemp to organic cotton. For babies and young children, one of the most popular materials for kimono-style clothing is bamboo because it is:

  • Luxuriously soft and silky to the touch
  • Highly breathable and keeps a baby cooler in the summertime
  • 3 to 4 times more absorbent than cotton
  • A natural bacterial fighter, staying fresher and odor free for longer periods of time
  • Non-irritating to the skin
  • Naturally protective from harmful UV radiation

Examples of kid kimonos organic fashion


Robert Kaufman greenSTYLE Line

Providing stylish green fashion for princesses on the go, the Robert Kaufman greenSTYLE line offers a lemon yellow bamboo leaf print dress primarily comprised of 60% cotton and 40% bamboo poplin. By choosing a low-impact dye process, the sustainable fabric leaves virtually little to no harmful waste behind. The wrap-around kimono-style dress has no zippers or buttons. Place the dress over a pair of jeans, tights, or wear as a summer frock.

Westcoast Baby 

Offering a bamboo blend (66% bamboo, 28% cotton, and 6% spandex), the Westcoast Baby Bamboo Kimono Wrap Gown comes with a matching bamboo beanie hat. This Canadian creation is sweatshop free and comes without snaps, zippers, and buttons for a more comfortable feel. Inner and outer ties provide an easy way to close the garment. An opening at the bottom offers easy access to baby.

Westcoast Baby offers a variety of colors, including Pure White, Yellow, Green, Raspberry, Aqua, Blue Lagoon, Vanilla Bean, and Tickled Pink. Available in three sizes (5-9lbs, 8-12lbs, and 11-16lbs), the bamboo gowns are made especially to fit preemies and newborns.


Speesees specializes in organic clothing for children and in their collection, offers a stylish kimono dress made from 100% certified organic cotton – free from the pesticides or chemical fertilizers used in cultivating the material. Adding to the allure of the kimono dress is the fact that Speesees fabrics are treated with low-impact and herbal dyes. Consider the Speesees Organic Robin's Egg (or Cocoa) Kimono Dress with a natural trim. The dresses are available in sizes 1 year through 4T. Speesees also offers kimono-style sets and bodysuits (long- and short-sleeved).


Taking credit for becoming the first company in the world to create newborn clothing with soybean protein fiber, Babysoy has caught the attention of eco-minded parents and celebrities, such as Jennifer Garner and Brooke Shields. The wrap-around style and easy snaps of the Babysoy kimono bodysuit is embellished with a decorative bow. Babysoy also uses renewable natural resources to create luxurious onesies, socks, hoodies, bibs, blankets and mittens.

Kate Quinn 

Offering stylish simplicity, former Hollywood stylist Kate Quinn has designed a Kimono Dress that doubles as a dress or a layered top with pants. Kate Quinn Organics is made with 100% certified organic cotton and comes in sizes to fit children wearing 3 months to 3T. Quinn's kimono dress has received the thumbs up from Control Union Certifications – a USDA Accredited Certifying Agent, and is also certified Fair Trade. Colors available include Apple Green with Cocoa trim and Pomegranate Red with Vanilla trim.

By Yona Williams


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