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November 21, 2017 / 10:40 am EST


Robbie Adrian
Robbie AdrianFeb 24, 2013
Soft, Organic Luxury Blankets

Do you love the idea of healthy, organic items for your baby but are disappointed by the lack of color and style in the organic items you have found? Robbie Adrian was and decided to do something about it. That idea led to the formation of Robbie Adrian Luxury Organics, where Robbie, together with Susan Doris, designs and produces luxurious blankets in beautiful colors that are safe and healthy for your precious little one. Using 100% certified organic cotton, 100% natural silk, low impact dyes, and recycled or recyclable packaging, Robbie Adrian Luxury Organics makes your baby's introduction to going green a cuddly and beautiful experience.

Babies require a lot of sleep, and it seems parents are always on a quest to help their babies get the important rest they need. It's not unusual for moms and dads to recall spending ample amounts of time rocking, swaying, playing music, reading, talking or even vacuuming in order to help their babies rest peacefully. One of the essential items to help babies achieve that deep sleep is a wonderful baby blanket. There are many soft, beautiful blankets out there that are not eco-friendly, and there are a lot of eco-friendly blankets out there that are not luxurious or stylish. Robbie Adrian Luxury Organics was created to address this issue for families everywhere, in order to help little ones sleep soundly and parents to rest easy.

Robbie Adrian blankets are special, so special, in fact, that many adults ask for adult-sized blankets after receiving or purchasing one of the smaller-sized baby blankets! What makes these blankets so special? First is the company's commitment to only using the best organic materials and Earth-friendly practices. The organic cotton the company uses is grown naturally in West Texas without the use chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers used to grow regular cotton. Once the organic cotton is harvested, it is spun into yarn, and then sent to the east coast where it is knitted into blankets. Every bit of organic cotton the company uses is certified by the USDA, and can be traced back to the specific bale used thanks to the company's meticulous record keeping.

Organic cotton fleece and velour. Vibrant 100% natural silk ruffle, trim or piping. Beautiful colors such as petal pink, chocolate, raspberry or no-dye white, with fun polka dot trims to complement any nursery decor. These blankets are just what you've been looking for if you have searched for luxury and Earth-friendly and came up empty. Parents loved the blankets so much that the company started making adult-sized throws, perfect for curling up on a chilly night with a warm drink and a book or favorite movie, enjoying the chance to relax while your baby peacefully dreams. You can even take Robbie Adrian blankets on-the-go with their stroller-size or lovey blankets, and give your toddler a good night's sleep with the company's toddler and twin-sized blankets. All Robbie Adrian blankets are machine washable and dryable instead of dry clean only, since dry cleaning uses toxic chemicals and is not environmentally friendly.

Everyone drifts off to sleep easier when they are wrapped in a warm, soft blanket. Let your little ones rest under a luxury Robbie Adrian baby blanket and notice how peacefully baby sleeps. Once you feel how soft and cuddly these blankets are, you may find yourself picking out one for your older children and yourself! Your blanket even arrives in shipping materials that are recycled or recyclable, and all gift boxes are made by hand with the idea that they can be reused. Once you pull that Robbie Adrian Luxury Organic blanket out of the box, you  may find yourself as attached to it as your child is!


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