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January 20, 2018 / 5:45 am EST


The Honest Company
The Honest CompanySep 2, 2012
Offers Convenient, Eco-Friendly Products for Parents

What does an A-list Hollywood mom do when she can’t find the all-natural, eco-friendly baby and home supplies she is looking for? If the star in question is Jessica Alba, then the answer was to start her own business, The Honest Company, together with co-founder and product officer Christopher Gavigan. As parents, they both felt frustrated with the lack of safe, eco-friendly product options available, and decided that the old adage was true: if you want it done right, do it yourself! The business they created offers a full line of safe, convenient, environmentally-friendly home and baby products that are also stylish, affordable and can be delivered right to your door. Honestly, what parent wouldn’t appreciate that?

As founders of a company that was ultimately created to take care of our littlest natural resources, our children, Jessica and Christopher take their commitment to safety, the environment, and customer service very seriously. The foundation of The Honest Company is to provide the best products and customer service to parents who may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or frustrated. Parents no longer need to worry about how the products and supplies they use daily will affect their children’s health or the environment. The Honest Company products were designed to offer parents the ultimate in convenience and peace of mind. They also strive to offer products that are fun and stylish, because beauty and sophisticated design needn’t be overlooked because it is a product for kids or home cleaning.

The Honest Company wants parents to find shopping with them to be easy and stress-free. While shopping at the online store for individual Honest Company products is an option, the company also offers membership subscription Bundles. Parents can choose the Diaper Bundle or the Essentials Bundle, both of which can be customized and delivered monthly to anywhere in the United States. The Diaper Bundle contains a month-long supply of fun-patterned, plant-based disposable diapers in your child’s correct size, plus a supply of wipes. The exact number of diapers per shipment is carefully calculated to provide enough for your family’s needs until the next shipment arrives. The Essentials Bundle contains a one-month supply of an assortment of non-toxic bath products, skin products, and household cleaning products. The contents of your Bundle are fully customizable for each month, so your family will be receiving the products you need without endless trips to the store.

Offering convenience and peace of mind to parents is admirable, but The Honest Company also has higher reaching goals in regards to sustainability, giving back, and the health of customers and the planet. First is the guarantee that, to the best of their knowledge, all of the products offered by The Honest Company are free of toxic materials, including phthalates, sulfates, PVC, synthetics, and BPA. Another important aspect of the company is sustainable operation, which includes using packaging made with plant-based materials, making sure all company facilities are green-with a goal of working toward LEED certification in the future, dealing with suppliers who are committed to environmental friendliness, and using shipping methods with low environmental impact. The company has set high environmental goals to be met in the future as they move toward even more sustainable operations. The Honest Company also donates money and time to nonprofit organizations such as this year’s partner, Baby2Baby, an organization that supplies needy families with baby gear and diapers.

When it comes to children, there is nothing we as parents wouldn’t do to keep them safe and happy. However, it is often difficult to find safe products to use around our children. Even diapers that touch their skin every day can contain chemicals or toxins that cause allergic reactions or worse. Knowing that parents want a safe, affordable option for their children, The Honest Company strives to provide all the eco-friendly, effective products parents are seeking in the most affordable and convenient way.

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