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November 21, 2017 / 10:29 am EST


Are You Surfing With the Wave Tribe?
Are You Surfing With the Wave Tribe?Jun 3, 2014

If you are a surfer, a lover of the ocean, and passionate about the environment, then Wave Tribe is your tribe, because the people who make Wave Tribe’s surf products care as deeply about the Earth as they do about catching the next great wave. In fact, it was during an epic surf trip in Baja in 2007 that Wave Tribe founder Derek Dodds made a startling realization. Their group’s U- Haul load of boards, bags, and equipment contained an awful lot of plastic. As he contemplated his love for the planet and the amount of plastic surf products he had accumulated and thrown away over the years, Derek decided to search out some more ecologically friendly surf products. That’s when he discovered an even bigger problem: they didn’t exist.

In an almost cosmic aligning of his talents, passion, and sustainable mindset, Derek realized that he was just the right person to fill that gap between surf products with a big plastic footprint, and surfers who wanted better, more environmentally friendly surf products. So he did what any passionate entrepreneur would do: he created the products himself. First, he took a careful look at all the surf bags he had and picked out the features he liked most about them to help him construct the perfect board bags. Then, he began to research what type of material would best replace the plastic found in most other products. Soon, he realized that hemp would be the perfect place to start, because it grows naturally, resists mold, is biodegradable, and is highly durable. From there, Wave Tribe was born and became the first green surf company in the world.

The demand for ecologically sustainable products has grown immensely since those days back in 2007 when the green movement was still new. Wave Tribe has grown to meet the challenge of providing green products to surfers who love surfing as much as they love the ocean. The company now offers products made from all manner of eco-friendly materials including bamboo, cork, and recycled plastic – even old billboards! The company founded on green principles does more than just talk the talk, too. They partner with overseas facilities that agree to meet their green manufacturing needs, plus provide ethical work environments for their workers. Wave Tribe is actively working to find a way to produce more of their products right in California to help reduce the transportation burden of bringing their board bags from facilities overseas. And the company created the Heal the Oceans Campaign as a way to support organizations working to improve the health of the waters that make surfing possible.

Wave Tribe is committed to helping surf enthusiasts find the right products to fit their needs, and will go to extra lengths to ensure each and every customer is, to use their words, “totally stoked” with their Wave Tribe product. The company provides plenty of information on choosing the perfect board bag, so those precious surfboards are totally protected on a trip down the beach or around the world. They also offer tips, information, and generous product warranties to help surfers choose the right board socks, day board bags and travel board bags, plus accessories like the eco plastic surfboard leash.

A board sock is great for the surfer who wants light protection against dings, dirt and sun damage, and who doesn’t plan to travel heavily. A sturdier option is the day board bag, for the surfer who wants more protection for his board, with heavier padding and additional features like a quality shoulder strap and pockets for a surfer’s necessities. Then there’s the travel bag, which is perfect for the surfer who carries multiple boards and travels frequently by plane. This option offers extra padding on top of what’s recommended, plus heavy duty construction, excellent zippers, and built in dividers so your boards don’t damage each other. There’s also the wheeled option (the coffin) that is a good choice for the serious surfing world traveler.

A Wave Tribe ecycled Plastic Leash is a surfer’s best friend, and it’s also as eco-friendly as you can get. The leash comes with a one year guarantee, too, with a full replacement if it breaks. The Wave Tribe leash was named best new product of the year by Outdoor Magazine, and is made to be durable. It swivels so it won’t tangle you up, is attached with superglue Velcro, and is constructed of recycled plastic.

Getting out on the waves is a surfer’s paradise. In order to do it right, you need equipment you can trust, protected by the best surf accessories. It’s been Wave Tribe’s mission from the start to provide the highest quality, most eco-friendly surf products out there so surfers can do what they love. With Wave Tribe, you can store, carry, and protect your surfing equipment in eco-conscious style no matter where the wave takes you.


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