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December 16, 2017 / 9:18 pm EST


Atayne Apparel
Atayne ApparelFeb 13, 2013
Attain Performance Greatness

Some companies are born out of the need to solve a problem for people, or provide a necessary service. Some companies are born out of an experience that completely changes how one views the world. Atayne is one of those companies that came into being because of an eye opening experience had by its founder, Jeremy Litchfield. He was running in hot weather while wearing a red shirt. When his run was finished, he was dismayed to discover the entire lower half of his body was covered in red dye, including the clothing he was wearing. He wondered what harm this chemical exposure posed to him.  He then began to think of the harm this type of chemical exposure posed to other athletes, not to mention the damage being done to the environment.

Jeremy’s solution to the problem was to start a company that would never make a red shirt like the one he had worn that day. Instead, his company, Atayne, a play on the word “attain,” would become a socially and environmentally responsible athletic clothing company that turns trash into athletic gear! Atayne brings the story of the red shirt to athletes and clothing enthusiasts far and wide, helping to build a community of like-minded people who are committed to great performance gear and saving the Earth, one recycled item of apparel at a time.

What is recycled performance apparel? It’s the type of clothing Atayne makes, and it is made with two goals in mind: create clothes that are designed to perform just as well as the athlete who wears them, and create clothes that are environmentally responsible. The first thing that sets Atayne's clothing apart from other performance wear is that the items are made from 100% recycled polyester. This material comes from post-consumer plastic bottles! The benefits to making clothing like this is that the material is similar to the fabric used by other apparel companies, but it is made using 70% less energy and helps keep plastic bottles from clogging up our landfills. One Atayne item of clothing uses between five and ten plastic bottles in its production. Plus, the fabric is perfectly suited for athletes, since it has the ability to take moisture away from the body, which helps you stay dry instead of feeling cold or clammy as you sweat.

Atayne places a great importance on creating clothing their customers love and that live up to their standards. But their focus has always been about more than profit. Operating sustainably and treading lightly on the Earth have always been Atayne’s focus as a company, and it’s not just “lip service.” In fact, Atayne created the 6Ms to guide their path as a green company: materials, manufacturing, minimalist design, multi-functionality, mutuality, and messaging. In constantly assessing their performance as a company against these principals, the company is able to think about things on a bigger scale, such as implementing a garment takeback program that offers a $5 voucher in return, manufacturing locally and as products are purchased to avoid wasteful overproduction, or encouraging air drying of Atayne clothes with a hanging loop. The company has even sent a “Trash Running” team to the Maine Marathon to run behind the marathon participants and pick up the trash they found, thereby inspiring many of their customers to go on their own trash runs all over the country.

Atayne’s gear includes both short and long-sleeve performance shirts and t-shirts. The Grind T is a 100% recycled polyester shirt that helps regulate an athlete’s temperature and also helps wick away moisture. These shirts contain a secret ingredient: Chitosan, a natural odor fighter that means the days of smelly workout gear are over. Chitosan comes from snow crab shells, is anti-microbial, and helps prevent the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. The Trash T is made from a recycled cotton and polyester blend that make it soft and comfortable. It is suited to light workouts or simply getting outdoors and having fun! Many of Atayne’s items feature fun eco-friendly graphics and sayings, so you can work hard and let your gear do the talking.    

What do you hope to attain as an athlete and a steward of the Earth? If it’s “performance with a point of view,” then Atayne has the perfect apparel to fuel your “green” fitness goals!


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