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December 16, 2017 / 9:18 pm EST


Changing the Color and Minds of Money
Changing the Color and Minds of MoneyNov 2, 2008

Gaming enthusiasts—and we are talking about gamblers—might refer to “green” as that which gets folded into one’s wallet. Such tender works when it comes to debts public and private. However, what about the debt to the environment?

A new breed of gaming company is betting that they can make “green” more than the color of money. EGM Green is one of the leaders in spreading the green concept to pastures perhaps more commonly described by sand.

“Las Vegas is at a crossroads. It is in a flux…,” said EGM Green president, Eric Hansel, whose northeast-based company makes green gaming products for casinos. “You have this city (Las Vegas) of opulence out in the middle of the desert with high energy needs. It is almost a symbol of wasteful energy consumption…. Going green is an opportunity to reduce costs through developing renewable energy sources…. When you consider the cost of how much power is needed to run a casino, there are tremendous savings opportunities. A casino in Vegas could generate all of its power from a wind farm and even sell the excess energy.”

With a multi-acre manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania, EGM Green is a leader of the green gaming movement. Green gaming is more than your typical corporate social responsibility effort. This effort is aimed at producing equipment with Mother Earth in mind while reducing energy costs across the board for its stakeholders.

Hansel believes sustainability will be important to gaming consumers as they become increasingly educated about the environment.

“The average gaming person probably does not have an interest yet in green gaming,” Hansel said. “However, you have to consider there are probably about 60-million people that frequent casinos in a year. That is almost a fifth of the population. Gaming consumers are such a large part of the population and sustainability is already such an important issue today, which will only become greater.”

EGM Green asserts they are the first company to design and manufacture 100 percent “eco-friendly” casino gaming products: Poker Tables, Blackjack, Roulette, Mini-Baccarat, Baccarat Tables as well as seating for the tables, games, and slot machines. It doesn’t end there: EGM Green makes luxury lounge furniture for any eco-friendly environment, which even includes game rooms.

The company’s casino tables are made using FSC-certified woods, water-based solvents, low VOC paints and stains as well as post-industrial, pre-consumer ‘rebonded’ foam for the playing surface and the arm rest ring. EGM Green also carbon offsets purchases and participates in a tree-planting program.

“Our green products are point-of-sale too,” added Hansel. “Many times what a casino does to help the environment might be out of sight from the average customer. A green gaming table is a way to show their customers at the point-of-sale that the casino cares about the environment.”

Additionally, Hansel believes green principles and concepts can be easily integrated into anyone’s home game room. If you are thinking of remodeling or building a game room in an eco-friendly fashion, Hansel offers these tips for greening up your own slice of Vegas:

“Start with the basics,” Hansel said. “Choose CFC bulbs over the incandescent ones to lower energy consumption.”

Hansel said for an Asian themed game room, bamboo is both an attractive and eco-friendly alternative to more traditional woods.

“The important thing is to start with a vision of what you want.’ Hansel said. “Green does not mean sacrificing quality or luxury. You can have both.”

Other green efforts Hansel is involved with include an industry contest to reengineer a slot machine so that it uses 25-percent less electricity and the development and promotion of eco-friendly hotel tours in the New York area.

Learn more about EGM Green at

By Mathew DeReno

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