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November 21, 2017 / 10:29 am EST


Dixon Eco-Friendly Golf Balls
Dixon Eco-Friendly Golf BallsApr 9, 2010
The Environmentally Responsible Way to Enjoy Your Game

Whether you’re teeing off at Justin Timberlake’s eco-friendly Mirimichi golf course or competing for a championship record, Dixon Golf promises to green your game with the first line of golf balls to combine high performance with an eco-friendly design.

The Dixon Golf Ball Lineup

From start to finish, Dixon Golf balls are 100% eco-friendly.  Every product in the Dixon line is manufactured from renewable materials without using the chemical-laden metals and synthetic compounds found in most balls.  Dixon Golf balls are 100% recyclable and are packaged in recycled material. 

The Earth ball features a 392 Tour dimple pattern with a thin eco-cover to increase durability and a high velocity ‘green core’ to improve distance.  The Earth ball received a 92% approval rating from PGA Tour Partners and is the official ball of the E-Golf Professional and Amateur Tours, as well as El Segundo, CA.

The Wind ball is designed for distance and is endorsed by World Long Drive Champion, Sean Fister.  The Wind ball boasts a 428-dimple pattern for distance and accuracy, a resilient eco-cover to boost durability and spin control, and a denser core to achieve the greatest distance possible.

Fire golf balls are the latest eco-friendly addition to the Dixon line and should be available in early summer of 2010.  These balls are created for the professional golfer for the absolute best performance, featuring a 318-dimple pattern and responsive recyclable urethane cover. 

Golf Ball Recycling

Hoping to eliminate some of the 300 million golf balls that find their way to the landfill each year, Dixon Golf hosts recycling centers at retailers and golf courses across the nation.  Dixon rewards golf ball recycling with credits toward the purchase of new Dixon balls - $1.00 for Dixon brands and $0.50 for others.

About Dixon Golf

Based in southern California, Dixon Golf strives to be an eco-friendly and socially responsible company while providing golfers with the most environmentally friendly golf ball available, without sacrificing performance. 

* Invoices and correspondence are solely conducted electronically, eliminating paper usage as well as emissions from delivery.

* Records and important documents are stored digitally whenever possible.

* Employees are encouraged to carpool or to use public transit to commute to and from work.

* 10% of Dixon Golf profits are allocated to charities that better the living conditions and welfare of the global population.

Where to Buy

Dixon eco-friendly golf balls are available through retailers across the US and are also distributed internationally.  To find a golf course or specialty store that carries Dixon products near you, visit Dixon’s retail locater

By Danielle Bullard




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