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November 21, 2017 / 10:29 am EST


Eco-Friendly Fishing
Eco-Friendly FishingJan 25, 2010
Create An Eco-Friendly Experience

Your next fishing trip could take the environment into consideration, as well as create a healthier community for fish and other marine life. Becoming familiar with the latest in eco-friendly fishing not only helps preserve waterways, but also enhances fish populations and secures fishing expeditions for future enthusiasts. A few suggestions include: 

Biodegradable Fishing Line

Turn away from monofilament and fluorocarbon products by purchasing Bioline Biofilament – a 100% biodegradable fishing line that provides an earth-conscious method of snagging your next prized catch. Satisfying features of the eco-friendly fishing line include high UV and abrasion resistance, effective knot strength, and premium casting distance. Why eco-friendly? The biodegradable fishing line breaks down naturally in the environment in about five years when compared to up to 500 years with monofilament line.                   

Eco-Friendly Fishing Lures

On your next fishing trip, bring along the stainless steel "Big Belly" spinners of Panther Martin – completely free of lead, a material that wreaks havoc on the environment. Composed of stainless steel components, Panther Martin lead-free lures work well in both fresh and salt water, and are resistant to saltwater, rust, and corrosion. An added bonus – the lures send out sonic vibrations that actually 'call out to the fish.'

Recycled Waders

Recycled Waders transforms reclaimed breathable wader material into repurposed products for fishing enthusiasts. Collected from individuals, fishing guides, fishing lodges, wader manufacturers and local fishing clubs, this Seattle, Washington company offers eco-friendly fishing equipment with touches of unique character. Your next messenger bag or fly reel case could include aqua seal splotches, patches, stains, interesting color patterns, or sun-bleached sections. Recycled Waders makes products that allow you to:

* Tote money for last-minute equipment in wallets

* Stylishly transport materials in a messenger bag

* Carry supplies in a fanny pack

* Protect fly angling tools with recycled neoprene fly reel cases

Eco-Friendly Fishing Boats

Instead of hitting the open waters in a yacht or spacious gas guzzler polluting your favorite fishing haunts, it's OK to make eco-friendlier fishing boat choices. For example, Klamath makes aluminum fishing boats, which are light, durable, and considered eco-friendly. Why? Marine-grade aluminum is practically resistant to the harsh conditions of repeated water contact. This means you forego the harmful chemicals used in the maintenance and upkeep of fishing boats, such as making repairs and polishing the body. The lightweight nature of the material also means that smaller engines are used, which translates into a decrease in air and water pollution. Aluminum is also recyclable, meaning after you have outgrown your fishing boat – it can be repurposed without collecting dust in a landfill.

However, the new OrganiK yacht design blends eco-friendliness with luxury. Think energy-saving and water-saving features.

Take an Eco-Friendly Fishing Trip

Some people book spa getaways, while others like exploring jungles, but for the fisherman at heart – a lake, river or sea full of fish creates the ultimate vacation. Seek fishing opportunities that embrace green business practices, such as the fishing trips offered by EcoTraining Australia or San Diego Fishing Adventures, where they teach eco fishing practices, and offer catch and release programs that respect the waterways

Source: Green Tackle




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