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December 16, 2017 / 9:17 pm EST


Green Series Fitness
Green Series FitnessMay 5, 2015
Energy-efficient Exercising

When you go the gym for your workout, the environmental impact of the equipment you use may not even cross your mind. There is, however, a lot to consider about how your gym exercise and the equipment you use affects the planet, from its drain on the power grid to its recyclability.

Many companies don’t think twice about how making, using and retiring their exercise products affect the environment. Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Green Series Fitness aims to provide quality, effective fitness equipment that has as minimal an effect on the environment as possible.

Green Series Fitness is a Brigadoon Fitness Company. Their goal is to provide quality, energy efficient, earth-friendly fitness equipment to gyms and companies all over the world. They provide equipment for various hotels, resorts, housing complexes, corporations, schools, health clubs and even to police and fire departments, to keep the men and women who protect and serve in peak physical condition.

Green Series Fitness equipment is exceptionally sturdy and simple to use. They are committed to working with only the best, award winning manufacturers to ensure that their design is manufactured in the highest quality possible, creating a machine that delivers everything you could hope for it too.  Green Series Fitness has a network of suppliers in over 80 countries.

Their equipment is designed with fitness and efficiency in mind. From the conception of the machine to its arrival after shipment, it is rigorously tested at all stages to ensure that it can reliably perform in a commercial setting. Green Series Fitness is a pioneer in creating fitness equipment with eco-friendly features.

Green Series cardio equipment is equipped with high-efficiency motors that don’t sacrifice power. The drive systems are maintenance free, with friction reducing lubricant infused running belts as well as self-powered, cordless cycles and elliptical machines. Each of the Green Series Fitness lines is built solid enough for long term commercial use, with the perks to boot. They all have one touch controls, adjustable speed and incline, extremely shock absorbent decks and a great variety of different exercise programs.

Not only is Green Series Fitness equipment durable, it’s stylish as well. The 6000 and 7000 lines both come in a chic matte black. Not only is it green, it is up to date with the latest technology. For example, the 7000 line comes with 10” touch screen consoles, complete with built-in digital TVs, as well as integrated iPod, mp3 inputs and USB ports for ultimate electronic compatibility.

Green Series Fitness equipment are equipped with energy efficient AC and DC motors with UL, and they meet NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) premium ratings. They also have motor controllers with green technology inverters that will help to keep power consumption to a minimum.

The running belts used in all Green Series Fitness equipment are covered in wax using a special process, making them maintenance free as well and keeping them running efficiently. The belt drive systems used in Green Series Fitness equipment are Poly V high-resistance polyester belt drive systems. Green Series Fitness equipment also come with 1 inch reversible running decks, with a hardened phenolic laminate surface on both sides for extra durability.

One thing that makes Green Series Fitness equipment stand out from the rest, is what happens to the equipment after having a long and productive life helping people all over the world get and stay healthy. Once again showing how Green Series Fitness is a pioneer in sustainable fitness equipment, 99% of the Green Series equipment can be recycled. The impact that this can have on the reduction of exercise equipment that ends up in a landfill is astronomical.

In addition to that, due to the green design of the Green Series fitness equipment, it’s low weight makes the shipping cost to the environment (and the buyer) much lower than traditional, heavy fitness equipment. This is another great step by Green Series Fitness to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the planet while also giving those who wish to get and stay healthy a great way to do so.

Green Series Fitness is a great company that produces only high quality, efficient, green fitness equipment while reducing their impact on the environment. 


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