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January 20, 2018 / 5:49 am EST


PatagoniaApr 16, 2012
Clothing Designed for Active People and a Healthy Planet

Patagonia is a clothing maker that cares equally about their customers and the planet. Many retailers care about their products and customers. But often, once an item is sold, the relationship between customer and retailer is finished, or at least put on hold until the next purchase. Patagonia, maker of high quality clothing and shoes for active lifestyles, takes a different approach. Patagonia may be one of the few retailers that actually encourages customers to not purchase items they don't really need! They also actively encourage customers to build a continuing relationship with Patagonia through repair initiatives and recycling efforts for worn out clothing. Instead of viewing customers as merely customers, Patagonia treats them as long-term partners in living a healthy, active lifestyle while contributing to efforts that help create a sustainable world.

Buying the right clothing for your favorite hobby or activity is important. The fit, style and feel has to be just right. The item has to be breathable, durable and well made. There are other brands that may fit these criteria, but when you are looking for a brand that you can give your loyalty to year after year, they may fall flat. Even though they have a strong commitment to their products and to serving their customers, Patagonia's commitment to our planet is also equally important to the company as a whole. They offer complete transparency in their company practices with their Footprint Chronicles, which detail where and how Patagonia operates. The Patagonia website includes an extensive listing of environmental and social initiatives they participate in. Patagonia also extensively promotes repairing, reusing and recycling their products, and makes it easy for customers to do so. Patagonia works to help customers do more with what they have, so the planet we love will thrive and flourish in the years to come.

Patagonia's Common Threads Initiative is one such effort that is focused on sustainably selling clothing. According to Patagonia, the greenest product is one that already exists, so the focus should be on preserving, repairing or reusing that product to the extent that it is possible. To do this, Patagonia offers an extensive collection of used clothing in good condition for sale on eBay. They also offer clothing care guides to help customers promote the life of the item. Lastly, Patagonia makes it easy to have clothing items repaired or recycled if there is no way to fix the worn out item. Customers send clothing needing repairs to Patagonia and will usually have the item back within ten days. Items sent back to Patagonia at the end of the garment's life are recycled into new fiber or fabric, or re-purposed. Patagonia has taken back 45 tons of clothing since 2005, and reworked 34 tons of that clothing into new items.

Patagonia has the right type of clothing for many activities, including surfing, climbing, fishing, skiing and yoga. With spring ramping up into summer, many people are heading outside to the trails to enjoy all that nature has to offer while improving their health. In order to hit the trails in the right gear, customers can check out Patagonia's Trail Running collection, with an extensive selection of running shirts and tanks, shorts, skirts, jackets, socks and undergarments, all designed specifically for trail runners. Items are made in a variety of weights to match the climate where it will be used, and in materials suitable for running to help keep you dry, offer sun protection or promote airflow. Patagonia also offers sturdy backpacks designed specifically to hold all your necessities while out on the trail, plus extra features such as special pockets for quick access and attached emergency whistles for trail safety. Patagonia's "ambassadors," who represent each activity and have tested Patagonia's clothing in various conditions, recommend their favorites for customers to pick from on the website.

Whether you are an avid trail runner, an active enthusiast searching for the right clothing for your newest hobby, or a customer who is searching for a company who stands by their commitment to the environment, Patagonia has built a reputation for quality that customers all over the world trust. Plus, with their extensive support of initiatives ranging from 1% for the Planet, to the "Earth Tax," to supporting environmental organizations across the globe, Patagonia is making absolutely sure that the world you want to get out and enjoy today will still be there tomorrow.

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