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December 17, 2017 / 4:17 pm EST


The World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers
The World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers Jan 23, 2009

Nobody thought it was possible this year. With arguably the toughest schedule in the NFL, The Steelers set out on a quest to impose their will. That… is exactly what they did.

Even when our fast and furious starters where, at the least strained and sprained and at the most unconscious, we never took our eye off the prize. If it sounds like I’m taking this personally, you are reading me correctly. As we look forward to next weekend’s “big game”, I want to make it known that this article is shameless self-promotion of a team and a sport that we love. After sitting outside in the cold, rain, snow and more snow and more snow and more snow, I am very proud to call myself a Steeler fan. No luxury box for us. No way! We want to hear and feel every hit those men take.

One closing thought on the matter. When you throw your Super Bowl Party on Sunday, please do it with consciousness in mind. Here at The Green Connoisseur we take our environmental pledge like we take our football--very seriously.

By Elizabeth Lewis, Editor of The Green Connoisseur

Monday Morning Addendum: Monday morning has brought glee and jubilation to all of us that claim the World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers as “our” home team. All members of The Steeler Nation have reason to be proud as we begin to fill our second hand with rings.

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