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November 21, 2017 / 10:27 am EST


Timberland Earthkeepers
Timberland EarthkeepersOct 29, 2012
Shoes Help Keep Our Planet Clean and Green

Timberland products are often associated with the outdoors simply because their shoes and boots help you get out there and enjoy being in the natural world. But people may not realize that Timberland has also been a champion of preserving the outdoors for future generations through sustainable manufacturing practices, responsible building and expansion, and environmental preservation and advocacy. Although they are focused on being green as a company, Timberland’s Earthkeepers line of boots and shoes take environmental commitment one step further by producing  shoes that are highly sustainable through the entire life cycle of the footwear.

Timberland shoes and boots are worn to splash through the mud, play in the snow, and enjoy being comfortable out in the elements, no matter what the weather. The company’s commitment to their customer is to provide a shoe or boot that is durable, long-lasting and economical. Many companies stop there, but Timberland has committed themselves further by also pledging to be good environmental stewards in both company operations and giving back. All Timberland products are heavily tested and rated for durability, strength and impact on the environment. Not only does Timberland work to make their products and retail facilities more sustainable, they also work to make the outdoors more sustainable by actively reducing their carbon footprint, cutting their emissions as a company, reducing their overall impact on the environment, and greening the Earth by planting millions of trees worldwide, with millions more to come . . . 5 million by 2015, to be precise.

With all their work to be a sustainable and environmentally responsible company, it only makes sense that Timberland’s products are as green as can be. How Timberland does this further reflects on their actively eco-friendly approach to business. All Timberland shoes and boots actually have some green cred, such as the use of recycled materials, which is reflected in the Timberland product “Nutrition Label.” This details the materials the footwear contains, both the good and the bad. Plus, every shoe has a “Green Index” rating that compares the environmental impact of one shoe to another.

The Earthkeepers collection takes these measures further by creating sustainable footwear through several specific environmentally friendly measures:

1.       The Use of Green Rubber. Earthkeepers make use of Green Rubber, which is scrap rubber that is converted to a recycled compound that is used in the outsole.

2.       Recycled PET. Recycled plastic soda bottles in footwear? Timberland uses this material in the linings and laces, outsole, upper, midsole and sockliner of Earthkeepers footwear.

3.       Responsible Leather Use. Timberland leather comes from leather tanneries that are rated silver or higher by a third party auditor.

4.       Organic Content. Some Timberland footwear products have an Organic Content icon, which shows that a major component of that item is 50% certified organic material.

Timberland’s commitment to the planet is reflected in their retail locations as well as their products. A Timberland retail store is not like the big box stores, where every location has a similar look. This is done entirely on purpose in order to ensure that each location is as sustainable as possible. Timberland seeks out old unused items for reuse in their stores, contributing to each store's unique look. When it becomes necessary to build a new Timberland location, the company adheres to a strict set of building standards. The company pledges to build responsibly by first building on previously developed land. Earth-friendly plumbing fixtures are used for maximum water conservation. Energy use is reduced through Energy Star appliances, LED lights, and careful resource management. Use of healthy materials like low-VOC paints contributes to the healthy indoor environment of Timberland's stores.

According to Timberland, we are all Earthkeepers. Every person who cares about the health of our planet can take action to be good stewards of the environment, through the purchase of eco-friendly products, recycling, planting trees, or any of a long list of other simple and practical activities. Timberland takes their role as Earthkeepers seriously and passes the benefits along to their customers, who can wear their durable, comfortable footwear out in the very outdoors we are all working to preserve.


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