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December 16, 2017 / 9:09 pm EST

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The GreenShows
The GreenShowsSep 15, 2010
Green Fashion is Good

For those of you that are tuned into sustainable fashion design I am sure you understand that this has been a very exciting week in NYC.  New York Fashion Week has been in full swing since last week but the highlight of the Manhattan experience just wrapped up last night. For the third season in a row, The GreenShows has brought the best of eco-designers front and center to the international fashion world. 

The GreenShows took place in stylish Chelsea, at Metropolitan Pavilion’s new eco-conscious venue, The Metropolitan SuiteThe GreenShows provided ten fortunate eco-conscious fashion designers the chance to share their creations at the only premiere fashion event exclusively committed to eco-friendly, ethically sound, fair-trade fashion during New York Fashion Week.

Producer and Creator of The GreenShows, Eric Dorfman commented, “This is an exciting time for The GreenShows and for the selected designers to have this platform to show their creations on an international level during New York Fashion Week.  Its importance in the fashion industry lies in the creations and philosophy of each of the designers, who demonstrate that high fashion can be achieved with minimal impact on the environment. There are many interpretations of what sustainable fashion is and knowing that responsible options exists, consumers will be able to make informed decisions.”


The ten designers selected to show at The GreenShows at Metropolitan Pavilion were:

Samantha Pleet (New York)

Susan Cianciolo (New York)

Bright Young Things by Eliza Starbuck (New York)

Ashton Michael Black Label (Los Angeles)

Lavuk by Natasha Gindin (Los Angeles)

JoAnn Berman (New York)

Auralis (New York/Puerto Rico)

Luis Valenzuela (Miami)

Dress Reform (New York)

Milliners Guild (New York)

Miami-based eco designer, Luis Valenzuela opened the show on Sunday night with what can only be described as a work of art. Using resourced objects and materials he upcycled, Luis magically transformed them into unique fashion statements. From skin tight to flowing, edgy to sophisticated, the opening act felt like an art exhibit on wheels.

To complete what was a third season spectacular, Tuesday evening concluded with NYC home-girl Samantha Pleet.  Best known for her line, Rapscallion by Samantha Pleet for Urban Outfitters, Samantha closed out the evening in style.

After three very successful and increasingly popular seasons at NYC Fashion Week, we can only hope for the time when the “green” designers are so common, they don’t get their own venue.  A girl can dream. 

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