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December 17, 2017 / 4:23 pm EST

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Hannah Teter
Hannah TeterFeb 26, 2010
Earth-Conscious Olympian

Hannah Teter is the Winter Olympian with a golden heart, as the American snowboarder has been spreading the wealth of her success in many life-changing ways. Using the notoriety of her Olympic accomplishments and by embracing innovative ways to green her actions, Teter is making headlines with her most recent plans –living a life that accommodates the environment and places less stress on our natural resources.

After the fervor of the Vancouver Olympics die down and champions settle back into their typical home routines, Teter will undertake a new way of living. Upon returning to her residence in Vermont, the medallist plans on relocating part-time to a yurt. Covered in felt and constructed out of wood lattice framing, a yurt is the portable dwelling that will help Teter live off the grid. Using solar power and wind energy, Teter will also take advantage of the garden and fruit trees that decorate her mother's backyard as part of her transition.

The young Olympian has her hand in many different pots and is no stranger to giving back to communities, supporting charities, or adopting eco-friendly business practices. Teter is also involved with the following activities that have sports analysts dubbing her the greenest Olympian:

The AMP Energy Quilt

Helping to spread the word on eco-friendly goods, Teter has partnered with AMP energy drink to produce a unique memento from the Vancouver Olympics. During her time at the Games, Teter will snuggle under a sizeable, environmentally friendly knit picture of herself on her snowboard – sewn onto an organic cotton duvet – complete with bamboo buttons and organic thread. This quilt will be auctioned off and the proceeds given to charity. In addition to the auction, AMP will donate $20,100 to Teter's charity.

Charity Work in Kenya

Teter put her gold medal win from the 2006 Olympic Games for Snowboarding Halfpipe to fine use when she created Hannah's Gold – Vermont Maple Syrup for a good cause. Recognizing the needs of others in less fortunate communities, Teter has been sponsoring Kinindon, Kenya for three years. Teter's charity provides clean drinking water, helps send children to school, and aids the local agriculture. Beyond the maple syrup and donating all of her contest winnings to charity, Teter also sells organic cotton/hemp sweatbands for the cause.

Teter's charitable endeavors have also attracted the attention of corporate do-gooders that support the efforts of Hannah's Gold, such as Ben & Jerry's (donates a portion of proceeds from selling 'Maple Blondie') and Samsung, which matches dollar for dollar up to $30,000 of Hannah's Gold products sold during 2010.

By Yona Williams


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