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December 17, 2017 / 4:23 pm EST

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Trees Atlanta
Trees Atlanta Apr 9, 2010
Conserving Energy and the Environment by Planting Trees

Improving the city of Atlanta, Georgia one tree at a time, Trees Atlanta has blossomed into a nationally recognized citizens group aimed to protect and improve Atlanta's urban forest by planting, conserving, and educating the public. Since 1985, Trees Atlanta has planted and spread more than 75,000 trees across the city of Atlanta with more than 20,000 large shade trees decorating the downtown area.

Trees Atlanta was founded in 1985 – a joint effort involving Central Atlanta Progress, the Junior League of Atlanta, Inc, and the Atlanta Parks Commissioner. By addressing the issue of tree loss in the city, the organization has successfully increased green space and helped conserve the tree species of Atlanta. In addition to planting trees, they also focus on maintenance and care. Thousands of volunteers now participate in tree-saving and planting programs because of Trees Atlanta. The organization also educates adults and children about the importance of urban trees, tree planting, and tree care on an annual basis.

Trees Atlanta Eco-Friendly Programs

Trees Atlanta also works on several different programs at their Platinum LEED-certified Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center that deal with the following:

* NeighborWoods – This nationally recognized program blends tree planting, maintenance, education, and community-building efforts. Trees Atlanta staff build a relationship with neighbors to pinpoint streets, parks, and yards in need of a tree upgrade.

* Neighborhood Arboreta – Trees Atlanta has worked to introduce some of the rarer native trees not commonly found along Atlanta's streets to various neighborhoods. Seven Atlanta regions were selected for the program – Oakhurst, Inman Park, Sylvan Hills, Virginia-Highlands, Reynoldstown, Cabbagetown, and Midtown. Neighborhood arboreta also works towards uplifting local businesses and neighborhoods by creating an environment that attracts non-residents to shop and relocate. 

* Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum – Geared towards repurposing a loop of unused railroads and surrounding parks to connect neighborhoods, goals include establishing creates pedestrian-friendly transit and increases inviting green spaces throughout the city. When completed, the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum will become the longest arboretum in the world, which greatly adds to the energy-saving impact of trees – a practice and plan the organization wishes to use for the education of residents and visitors.

View their Work

Downtown streets highlighting the work of Trees Atlanta include Spring Street, Courtland Avenue, and Techland Drive. The organization focuses on urban-hardy tree species for the best results, such as the Southern Magnolia and the Northern Red Oak. Trees Atlanta is also responsible for major tree plantings at well-known points of interest throughout the city. You can see their handiwork at AT&T, the Georgia Dome, Georgia Tech, and MARTA stations.

By Yona Williams



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