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December 16, 2017 / 9:15 pm EST


Vectrix Jan 5, 2013
Join the Electric Scooter Revolution

Imagine zipping along your neighborhood or city streets on a comfortable electric vehicle that not only boasts zero emissions, near-zero maintenance, and mere pennies to operate, but on top of all that is almost completely silent to operate! If that sounds like music to your ears, then you will be interested in Vectrix personal electric vehicles. Fun to drive, easy to own and almost completely harmless to the environment, these stylish scooters allow you to make a large personal statement for a small cost, both to you and to the planet.

Vectrix had its beginnings in 1996 with a firm mission in mind: giving people city transportation that was clean and reliable. Along the way that mission expanded as people were taken in by the Vectrix scooter's stylish looks and easy handling. Now Vectrix personal electric vehicles can be spotted in urban settings, on the highway (since they are street legal), and in fleets of vehicles all over the world, including the NYPD, the Scotland Airport Police and a Taxi Service located in Paris, France.

Since the focus was first and foremost on a clean vehicle, it was important that the Vectrix scooter be zero-emission, meaning it burns no gas and no oil. This is accomplished with the Vectrix scooter's onboard nickel hydride battery and a charger that can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet. Standard charging time is  two-and-a-half hours, and the Vectrix scooters will go for 68-85 miles on a single charge, depending on the model. Because the scooters are designed with no clutch, no gears, and an easy twist throttle design, the vehicle has less wear-and-tear than gas powered motorcycles or scooters, and virtually no maintenance requirements.

Vectrix currently offers three scooter models, the VX-1, VX-2 and the newly designed and soon-to-be-available VX-3. The VX-1 has a comfortable and sporty design that allows for two passengers, has a top speed of 68 mph, and costs about a penny a mile to operate. It is well suited for fleet use, and is the model of choice for police, public or private individuals and organizations who are concerned with the overall performance and ecological footprint of their fleet vehicles. The VX-2 is designed to be smaller than the VX-1, for use in neighborhoods and small towns at a lower speed range. The new VX-3 is actually a three-wheeled scooter, with two front wheels that can be set for low or high-speed stability, and one rear wheel.

Owning and operating a personal electric vehicle for short trips and general in-town or in-city driving could make a big impact on the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions are increasing, and electric vehicles are shown to run almost three times cleaner than gas motorcycles and scooters, and ten times cleaner than a standard gasoline powered car. According to an EcoLane study, replacing your regular gas-guzzler with a personal electric vehicle, such as a Vectrix scooter, most of the time can bring about a potential reduction in your personal or family's CO2 emissions of up to 5 tons a year!

Not only will a Vectrix scooter help lessen your impact on the environment if driven regularly, it provides a wealth of benefits to you, including lower operating costs, a fun and stylish ride, and less maintenance hassles and worries. Instead of letting your vehicle proclaim loud and clear its negative impact on the environment, let it convey the message that you are committed to the environment in a bold and stylish way. Even better, Vectrix can help you make that statement without making a sound.


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