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December 16, 2017 / 9:24 pm EST


Luxury air travel
Luxury air travel Oct 6, 2010

For many of us, business and personal demands mean traveling by air is unavoidable. The Air Transport Association of America (ATA) estimates that about 2.2 million passengers per day traveled globally on US airlines during the summer months. That results in a significant amount of jet fuel being burnt. Also, in today’s fast-paced world, reliance on a conventional airline to make sure you get to important meetings on time can be quite risky, sometimes inconvenient, and often time consuming. Greenjets have come up with an innovative way of providing luxury private air travel that is good for your pocket and that also treads gently on the Earth.  

You could be forgiven for thinking that private air travel is a luxury neither you nor the planet can afford.  But Greenjets is a simple idea: Share a private jet flight with other people, this will reduce the number of jets flying around and also minimize the impact on our environment. It also saves everyone time and money. “We live in an age whereby the fortunate have the power of choice,” explains Dean Rotchin, Greenjets CEO, “We developed Greenjets as an option which is more responsible than flying alone on a private jet.”

The concept behind Greenjets is in providing an affordable shared-ride private jet service and a practical way to remain environmentally-responsible by reducing the number of jets in the air through flight-sharing. By placing three passengers on one shared ride, Greenjets eliminates two flights and the corresponding carbon dioxide, noise, air traffic congestion, and fossil fuel burned. They have enhanced luxury jet travel, so that it is more accessible, convenient and reliable, and now has less impact on your budget as well as on the environment.

The business model behind Greenjets is that the company does not own or manage any private jets. What they have done, on our behalf, is to build relationships with some of the finest jet charter operators and established Preferred Supplier status with them.  The Greenjets model utilizes the network of jet charter companies that are already set up, making access to the finest, most luxurious private jets on a per-seat shared-ride basis, available to us. “Clients make a conscious choice to be a little more flexible with their itinerary,” explains Dean “and fly with other like-minded travelers on a jet instead of flying alone.”  Whether flying for business or pleasure, Greenjets is ideal for the sophisticated traveler looking to find a cost-effective, efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible private jet alternative.

Because the travelers share a private jet ride and you only pay for the seats you use, there is the potential to save a great deal of money. Also by combining smaller groups of travelers on a private jet instead of each person flying alone, Greenjets have managed to eliminate the associated jet waste, save fossil fuels, and reduce air traffic. “When three clients travel on a single jet,” notes Dean, “we reduce the carbon footprint and jet waste by 2/3rds.”  In fact, Greenjets have projected that in their first year of service over 7,000 flights have been saved which equates to over 3 million gallons of fuel and over 37,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

With CEOs, CFOs, Boards of Directors, Company owners and professionals, as well as celebrities and athletes now making the Greenjets choice, it is certainly worth checking out. To find out more about this eco-friendly and affordable luxury travel option, visit their website:



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