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December 16, 2017 / 9:16 pm EST


Luxury Luggage
Luxury Luggage Oct 15, 2010
Heys USA For The Eco-Conscious Traveler

Heading off on a trip is always an exciting time, but finding a piece of stylish and eco-friendly luggage to carry your precious belongings in can be more of a challenge. Well you need look no further. Heys USA, dubbed by Spirit Magazine as “the bag to get you there in style”, has expanded their Green Initiative collection to include an eco-friendly line created from 100% recycled materials.

Heys USA have recognized that today’s discerning consumer is demanding an item of luggage that is fashionable and sturdy but that also has a social and environmental conscience. Their eco-friendly luggage line is as stylish and luxurious as it is gentle on the earth. Heys USA’s eco-luggage is rapidly gaining popularity with their celebrity clientele. EcoCase was named by The Oprah Magazine as a favorite of Oprah and her team. The Heys USA team prides themselves on how their Green Initiative luggage is focused on providing luxury consumers with environmentally responsible options.

Leading the world in luxury luggage

Heys USA was founded in the late 1980s and has grown into a global travel goods company focused on providing ultra-lightweight and fashion-fresh luggage. Through the Green Initiative collection, the Heys USA design team has merged edgy creativity with reducing impacts on our environment. At the same time they have managed to successfully achieve setting the highest standards for performance of the product. Famous for being a leading luxury travel goods manufacturer, Heys USA likes to push the limits of design and imagination to create chic and luxurious styles. And their latest eco-friendly collection is no different.

Sturdy, Stylish and Sustainable

The EcoLeaves is a hard side luggage set that has been manufactured from 100% recycled plastic. With a gorgeous leaf pattern embossed on each piece of luggage, the gorgeous appearance certainly helps thee cause. Harry Sheikh, Heys USA President notes that “the EcoLeaves luggage set is very durable due to its flexible material which absorbs impacts. It is also lightweight and expandable; perfect for everything from business to leisure travel.”  

Also part of the ‘green’ luggage series is Renovo, which epitomizes Heys USA’s efforts to create ecologically conscious luggage choices. The luggage consists of a lightweight, soft sided collection made by utilizing recycled fibers. Renovo is constructed from with Repreve® which is a 100% recycled polyester fiber. By developing product with this fabric,” Harry explains, “Heys USA is helping to offset the need to use new crude oil and conserve our precious natural resources and energy.” 

Moving beyond simply function

Heys USA has successfully managed to take their design and manufacturing of luggage beyond just function and reliability, to reach out to the increasingly eco-conscious consumer. “We continually invest in manufacturing and design processes that give the traveling public the products they want,” comments Harry, “and make it easier for them to select the most environmentally friendly luggage available.” Harry notes that the Green Initiatives collection also help their retailer and retailer partners to deliver products to consumers who increasingly value companies that work to reduce their impacts on the planet.

If you are looking for gorgeous luggage that has been designed and manufactured with the environment in mind, then have a look at Heys USA’s at You will love to be seen travelling with these unique pieces and you will also sleep easy at night knowing the environment hasn't been compromised by your travels.











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