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December 16, 2017 / 9:16 pm EST


The Greenest, Cleanest SUV on the road
The Greenest, Cleanest SUV on the roadMar 5, 2009

Imagine driving over 600 miles on a single tank of gas in your luxury SUV – with the new BlueTec line from Mercedes Benz, what sounds like a dream is now a reality. The models incorporating the latest clean diesel technologies by Mercedes offer “20 to 30 percent better fuel economy without sacrificing quality or performance,” according to technology communications agent Rob Moran.

Following the huge success of the sleek and sporty, 40-mpg E320 BlueTEC sedan in California, Mercedes launched three new sport utility vehicles featuring the low-emissions BlueTEC diesel engines, in early 2009. The heavy-duty ML320, the powerful GL320, and the roomy 7-passenger R320 are the first SUVs to achieve this level of fuel efficiency while still delivering the luxurious driving experience consumers desire. All three BlueTEC SUV models are available throughout the US, starting at $49,475.

How Does It Work?

The Mercedes Benz BlueTEC engine is built upon the company’s diesel CDI technology – an electronic fuel injection system that reduces emissions and increases power, all while providing the quietest diesel operation available. BlueTEC technology takes those features even further by capturing the nitrogen oxide gases that have caused diesel vehicles to fail emission standards in some states.

Three types of catalytic converters work together to make the BlueTEC engine the cleanest diesel motor currently in production. The vehicles require low-sulfur diesel – a cleaner, lower emission type of diesel already available in most areas. A self-cleaning particulate filter catches soot and microscopic debris while the storage catalyst releases timed pulses of nitrous oxide, allowing it to mix with the exhaust gas and convert to a less harmful compound.

This second generation of BlueTEC vehicles lowers emissions even more than the first E320, with the addition of the AdBlue tank. The mixture of water and urea creates ammonia when it reacts with the exhaust gas, converting the dangerous nitrogen oxide molecules into simple nitrogen and water. AdBlue eliminates as much as 80% of the engine’s nitrogen oxide output for the cleanest and greenest luxury diesel vehicle on the market.

Award-Winning Performance

The Mercedes Benz BlueTEC technology is still a fairly new concept – but the luxury, as well as the sustainability of this high-performance diesel motor has already gained global recognition. The E320 BlueTEC sedan was named 2007 World Green Car at the International Auto Show in New York, following its inclusion as one of the top 50 scientific and technological innovations of 2006 by Scientific American. More recently, the E320 was honored with a position on Kelley Blue Book’s Top 10 Green Cars list.

Responsible Luxury

Each BlueTEC model features a 310-horsepower, 6-cylinder engine – that delivers the fuel efficiency of a 4-cylinder and the power of a V-8. The E320 sedan hits 0 to 60 in a quick 6.6 seconds while the M320 BlueTEC SUV is up to cruising speed within just 8 seconds. This amazing performance comes with unbelievable fuel efficiency and the luxury ride you expect from a Mercedes Benz – all with less harm to the environment.

The 7-passenger GL320 BlueTEC can tow up to 7200 pounds and achieves an outstanding 23-mpg on the highway, while the M320 can travel 602 miles before stopping for a fill-up. Elegant wood trim, fog lights, and power sunroof are standard with all models, along with standard safety and convenience features including electronic brake assist, vehicle location tracking and surround sound audio. “We like to consider it responsible luxury.” Contact your local Mercedes Benz dealer for more information about the new BlueTEC SUVs or visit Mercedes online (

By Danielle Bullard

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