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November 21, 2017 / 10:30 am EST


Doctors Foster and Smith
Doctors Foster and SmithAug 21, 2011
A Pet Supply Company That Offers So Much More

What began in 1983, as four animal hospitals in Wisconsin, has grown into the nation’s largest cataloger of pet supplies; beloved by its customers and staffed by trusted veterinarians. Their mission? To provide the best pet products and information to pet owners, at affordable prices. 

As the years progressed, Drs. Foster and Smith have added to their humble catalog, including award winning dog and cat food formulated by the doctors themselves, a full service pet pharmacy, and a cutting edge Aquaculture coral facility. In every way, Drs. Foster and Smith is a company with a commitment to all their customers, whether human, furry, feathered or finned.

What products do Drs. Foster and Smith offer? In short, you will find every item needed to help your pet live a long and healthy life, no matter whether you are a parent to a golden retriever or a bearded dragon. Every type of pet, from horses to mice, has specific care and maintenance needs that can be met by shopping Drs. Foster and Smith’s catalog or website. Pet housing, pet food, medications including wormer, flea and tick prevention, vaccines, pet toys, and a complete offering of Aquatic supplies for aquarium pets, are just a sample of the exhaustive catalog of products. You’ll also find a growing number of organic products including a whole section of eco-friendly wild bird products and solar pond products. All orders are shipped using 100% biodegradable peanuts within boxes that are made from 75% recycled/69% post-consumer recycled corrugated cardboard.

The Drs. Foster and Smith philosophy extends beyond simply offering quality affordable pet products to its customers. The founders of the company firmly believe that the best way to help pet owners is to provide them with the information they need to care for their pets at home. Thus, the Drs. Foster and Smith website offers a link to, their award winning collection of over 2,000 articles from the company’s own veterinarians. The site is not only used by pet owners but also by Discovery Channel’s and numerous research facilities, schools, and universities worldwide. The articles on range from what to do in an emergency to how to tell if your pet is overweight. The site contains thousands of helpful topics designed to provide pet owners with the information they need to keep their pet happy, safe, and healthy.

One feature of Drs. Foster and Smith that you won’t find with other pet suppliers is their Aquatic supplies center. The company offers fish, aquariums, and supplies. Drs. Foster and Smith launched their cutting edge aquaculture center in 2005. On their website,, you’ll find healthy coral offered for home aquariums. In producing their own coral, the center is helping keep natural coral reefs in the world’s oceans intact. The facility is providing a service to customers with a need for coral reef in their aquarium environments without further endangering the already troubled reef systems in many of the world’s oceans. The focus on providing healthy, hardy coral for home aquariums led to a successful conference titled the Annual Coral Conference and Frag Swap. According to Kevin Kohen, the director, “We hold this conference to promote aquaculture conservation and technology. As home reef aquariums increase in popularity, we feel it’s our social responsibility to do what we can to help reduce the pressure on the world’s coral reefs.” 

Drs. Foster and Smith is a pet owner’s dream. A company committed to serving customers in every possible way through top quality brands, excellent customer service, a belief in educating loyal customers on the best ways to take care of their beloved pets, and a belief that providing what their customers need doesn’t have to place a burden on our planet. Drs. Foster and Smith proves that, with careful thought, an innovative company can support its customers while also promoting a healthy environment.


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