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November 21, 2017 / 10:38 am EST


Goochii Poochii
Goochii Poochii Jan 12, 2012
For A Naturally Clean Pet

Goochii Poochii's claim to fame is that their products are not 100% organic or 100% natural. Don't worry, you read that right! Goochii Poochi pet care products are actually better than organic, and are so safe that the materials used to make their Lave (shampoo) and DeTangle (conditioner) are food-grade and safe to ingest. In addition, as Goochii Poochii's makers began to test their products nationwide, they heard that pets washed with their products were less itchy, had glossier coats and were suddenly repellant to fleas. Across the country and around the world, once people used Goochii Poochii, they were customers for life. Sally Lyndley, editor at large of the U.K's Love magazine, is one such happy Goochii Poochii user. She says, "Goochii Poochii is so important to me because I want to know that I am using puppy shampoo and detangler that are safe for my puppy, me and the environment, it's a combo platter must have. Goochii Poochii is saving the planet, not to mention making furry coats more beautiful, one puppy at a time."

So what is the story behind this fabulous pet shampoo? Goochii Poochii was created by a family with years of experience with cleaning and styling products . . . the human kind. Alan Eschenburg of Goochii Poochii says, "My family and I originated the world's first and finest silicone-free, nasty-free beauty products for humans, and this is the product that we developed as a result of using it on our dog, Goochii. We were stunned at how great she looked, smelled, and that her skin allergies cleared within weeks of starting to use it. So, we went back to the lab for more research and development, and that's how we came out with these amazing formulas. We feel so confident and relieved knowing that when she did groom herself, she was only ingesting food-grade ingredients that are left behind. Completely non-toxic and good for her both inside and out, and good for us when we apply it, and later when we pet her, which is the softest coat we've ever felt on her!"

Instead of the long list of chemicals and additives that are in many cleansing products, Goochii Poochii instead has a long list of what is not in their products. When you purchase one of Goochii Poochii's products for your pet, you will not find parabens, sulfates, pesticides, or petrolatum. Yet you may immediately notice that your pet's coat is shinier and cleaner, irritated skin patches are soothed, fur is unmatted and fleas disappear. How is this possible without all of those other ingredients? It's because the ingredients in Goochii Poochii are natural cleaning, soothing and conditioning ingredients found in nature or derived from nature, such as aloe, honey, algae, apple, and comfrey, to name a few.


It's a formulation that provides endless benefits for many pet owners, including Melody Buccafusco from Brooklyn, NY, who says, "Due to a stretch of debilitating sickness, I had not groomed my Yorkies for three weeks (a prescription for disaster with long coated animals). I put on a DVD to keep me company as I embarked on my never ending journey of never ending mats. What I am about to tell you is so unbelievable that if it where not me involved, I would never believe it. It took me only 30 minutes for each dog (not 2 1/2 -3 hours) with picture perfect results! No hair loss, no cutting, no stress."


Because Goochii Poochii is a completely safe product, it means that you only need one product for all your pet cleaning needs. The shampoo can be used on dog and puppies, cats and kittens. An added bonus is that the particular formulation, while completely harmless for pets and humans, is completely distasteful to fleas. Without the irritating oils or chemicals in other flea treatments, Goochii Poochii keeps your pet flea and itch free. Even pets with sensitive skin will like Goochii Poochii, since it is completely hypoallergenic and may leave pets that were previously in distress with soothed skin. Many customers say it has lessened or completely cleared any previous allergies. The makers of Goochii Poochii recommend that customers keep the product out of pet's eyes, however, as it is not tear free.


In addition to doing good for the pets that live in happy homes, Goochii Poochii seeks to help pets that are currently looking for their forever families. For every set of shampoo and detangler that is purchased, the company will donate one bottle of Goochii Poochii to a pet rescue facility. In helping your own pet become cleaner, you can also help homeless pets look and smell their best, which could lead them to catch the eye of their new owner!

Goochii Poochii products can be found at To read testimonials from some very happy pet owners, scroll to the bottom of the page at:

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