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November 21, 2017 / 10:38 am EST


Harry Barker
Harry BarkerNov 13, 2013
Products Dogs, and Their Owners, Will Adore

From Ford model, to fire-eater, to . . . doggie designer? Carol Perkins had an important and heartfelt reason for her decision to start Harry Barker, a company that designs, makes, and sells eco-friendly and healthy products for dogs (and cats, too!) The former model and Penn & Teller performer was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor known as Cushing's disease. She has since recovered, but what helped her get through the worst of her disease was the love and affection of her dogs. Confined to her home while she tended to her health, she decided to take her love of dogs and her love of working with textiles and turn them into a business. Harry Barker was created in 1997, with Carol creating the first products, bathrobes for dogs that she hand-stitched for friends, right at her table.

Today, Harry Barker offers all of the items your dog needs to be happy, healthy, and well-taken care of, and they're all eco-friendly, too. At Harry Barker, pet parents will find dog beds and blankets, food containers, leashes and collars, toys, grooming products, and travel items. All products are made in the USA of organic, recycled, Earth-friendly or sustainable materials, for better health for your pets and better health for the planet.

People who love their pets love to see them playing with a new toy, cuddling up in a soft new bed, or looking handsome in a new collar and leash. Harry Barker lets people pamper their pets while doing good for the Earth. Your pet can chew on, lay on, be washed with or eat out of Harry Barker products without worry of allergies, health issues, or breathing problems. Owners can enjoy the fun and fashionable fabric choices, extreme durability, and eco-friendly materials that ensure the best product for the money. Customers can even do good when purchasing Harry Barker products, since the company gives back to the Canines for Veterans program.

There's no doubt, dogs love to snooze and they can do it in comfort and style on a Harry Barker bed, blanket, or travel bedroll. Even better, these items feature durable and sustainable materials such as eco-fleece and "green" stuffing made from recycled plastics, all dyed in azo-free dyes. Treat your pet to a new collar and leash set that is both stylish and eco-friendly, since they are made from recycled plastic bottles with durable steel hardware. It's just a bonus that they are also lightweight and quick to dry!

Play toys from Harry Barker are fun for your dog, while giving you piece of mind thanks to the natural rubber, cotton, and other Earth-friendly materials. After a long day of sleeping and playing, your pet can enjoy dinner out of recycled steel bowls on bamboo fiber placemats, and even look forward to a bath with shampoos, conditioners, and pet sprays that are sulfate, chemical, and dye-free, yet still super effective.

Harry Barker even offers essential items for pets on the go, with seat covers for your vehicle that allow your dog to stretch out and relax without the worry of pet hair in the seats, or slobber. You can even stash all your pet supplies in a Harry Barker tote bag. With the holiday season coming up, giving gifts from Harry Barker to fellow pet lovers is easy with useful and fun seasonal items. Don't forget your own beloved pet, who is sure to love a holiday dog toy, a dog gift bucket, and more! You will appreciate getting the best products available, as Harry Barker has won awards for their sustainability and safe materials, including the SustainAbility Award given by NY NOW. Show your pet some Earth-friendly love with a scratch behind the ear, a loving pat, and a treat from Harry Barker.


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