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January 19, 2018 / 4:04 am EST


Island Dog Design
Island Dog DesignApr 23, 2012
Pet Beds Your Dog and the Environment Will Love!

We've all experienced an unpleasant night spent on an uncomfortable mattress. Instead of sleeping, you spend the night tossing and turning, and then spend the next day tired, cranky and in pain. The scenario is no different for our canine friends, especially larger breeds who are prone to hip and joint problems. So while some people may believe that a dog bed is just a dog bed, the folks at Island Dog Design take a different view. They have created a dog bed that gives your dog a restful sleep while supporting his frame. After all, who wants to see their beloved pet waking up tired, cranky or sore? Plus, Island Dog Design's beds are fashionable and eco-friendly, so your pet's bed will fit right in with your decor and your lifestyle.

With the recent rise in environmentally friendly pet supplies, from treats to shampoos to collars, it only makes sense that the bed your dog sleeps on for hours at a time is healthy and safe, too. Many dog beds today are made with foam that is petroleum-based, or from recycled landfill materials. Both of these options could expose your pet to chemicals and introduce these chemicals into your house. Since many pets are also highly sensitive or allergy prone, the bed they spend a lot of time resting on should be as healthy as possible. The Island Dog Design bed is made with eco friendly, plant-based, natural materials such as latex foam made with sap from the Rubber Tree and 100% cotton. Why do these materials matter?

- All materials are easy to clean. The cover can be machine washed and hung to dry, while the insert can be washed with a hose or spot cleaned with mild soap and water.

- The natural latex foam inserts are chemical and pesticide free; anti-microbial to repel dust mites, mold and bacteria; and hypoallergenic.

- The latex foam insert provides your dog with the full comfort and support of a real bed, almost like a natural memory foam mattress for your dog! The bed will not compress or flatten, helping your dog get a better, more comfortable rest.

- The designs are eye catching and will fit in with most home decor. In fact, many interior designers use Island Dog Design dog beds in their interior design plans.

- The materials used in Island Dog beds are completely biodegradable and very safe for the environment. In fact, if the dog bed is left out in the elements, it will disintegrate into dust, sometimes in a matter of weeks.

In addition to caring about the environment and about the comfort and well being of your pet, Island Dog Design makes every effort to operate sustainably and give back. The company's suppliers are carefully selected by Island Dog Design for their commitment to a healthy environment. This means Island Dog Design looks for suppliers that use solar or wind power and can certify the product and the process used to make their product.

All beds are made in the United States, helping to ensure the company's smaller carbon footprint. Island Dog Design is actively committed to sustainability and also donates a portion of their profits to animal rescue organizations. Making your next dog bed an Island Dog Design bed is an eco-friendly choice your dog and the environment will love. 

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