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January 19, 2018 / 4:02 am EST


Lani Dig Your Dog
Lani Dig Your DogSep 27, 2012
Great Stuff for Dogs and the People Who Dig Them

Do you dig your dog? Do you love having that furry companion that makes you laugh, cheers you up when you are blue, and provides you with unconditional love? The makers of Lani Dig Your Dog bath products dug their dog, Lani, so much that they were inspired to create a company that makes natural bath products for dogs in her memory. Lani Dig Your Dog products make pooches look, feel and smell great. Plus, they are eco-friendly, all natural, mostly organic, hypo-allergenic, and made in the U.S. Now that’s puppy love!

Lani was a Wheaten terrier that provided her owners with ten years of companionship and love. When Lani passed away, her owners wanted to help other pet owners and dogs. They created a company that makes doggie bath products that will make your pup feel great, since these products are all natural, good for sensitive skin, and smell so great that you may be envious of how your canine companion smells! The bath products from Lani Dig Your Dog come in three collections: Beach, Park and Woods. Each are specifically formulated for your dog’s needs. In addition, the company offers body spray for dogs to help them smell great in between baths, scented candles in each of the company’s distinctive scents, and fun chocolate brown t-shirts with Lani Dig Your Dog’s logo and slogan.

All bath products from the Lani collection are all-natural, pH balanced, free of any additives and made right in the U.S. Since the products are gentle, natural, and mostly organic, the company also considers them to be hypoallergenic. Dogs with dry, sensitive, or allergy prone skin can safely use Lani Dig Your Dog shampoos, conditioners and sprays. In fact, they may no longer have to live with itchy, irritated skin.

Each Lani formula offers specific benefits to your dog. Beach was inspired by a playful day in the sand, and is recommended for dogs with sensitive skin. It contains aloe vera, oatmeal and baking soda, plus the beach conditioner has organic chamomile. Park is reminiscent of a day spent playing and picnicking in the park, and is good for frequent baths. Woods is great for dogs that tend to get extra dirty! Woods also contains ingredients that help control bugs, including green tea to repel them and keep them from biting Fido, and white willow and horsetail to protect and heal the skin. Each formula also has a coordinating “body spray” to keep your dog smelling great in between baths.

While bath products for dogs are Lani Dig Your Dog’s main focus, they also carry some fun products for dog owners. There are the Lani logo t-shirts, of course. And since most customers love Lani’s scents, (and a few may even spritz the body sprays on themselves on occasion!) the company has created 100% soy wax candles with 100% cotton wicks that are long-burning and sure to make your home smell great. The candles come in recyclable metal or glass containers, depending on size, and are enclosed in recycled and recyclable kraft packaging.

For all pet owners who “dig their dogs,” Lani Dig Your Dog bath products are sure to become a favorite. They help your dog look and smell great, and are gentle on your dog’s skin and gentle on the environment.

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