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January 19, 2018 / 4:03 am EST


Nature-Cide Flea Spray
Nature-Cide Flea Spray Jun 24, 2012
and Pest Control Formulas Are Effective and Chemical-Free

Flea and tick season is in full swing. In fact, summer is the prime time for all things creepy and crawly. As pet owners, we don’t like to see our animals made miserable by the constant itching, not to mention the battle we wage keeping the pesky insects out of our homes. There are a barrage of products for eradicating fleas and ticks from both our pets and our homes, from foggers and sprays to shampoos and pills. But how safe are all these treatments? Putting chemicals on our pets and in our homes can be mildly irritating or downright dangerous for your pets, for your children and for the environment. It might come as a relief, then, to learn that there is an affordable, effective flea and tick spray, along with a complete line of other insecticides, repellants and pesticides that are completely natural, safe and poison-free. 

The company is Nature-cide, and the products offered are designed to take care of all the creepy crawlies and invading pests in and around your home, without causing any harm to your family’s health or to the environment. In fact, the sprays and treatments from Nature-cide are completely poison- and chemical-free, unlike most other pest control products readily available from supermarkets, home improvement stores and even vet’s offices. What is the difference between using Nature-cide as opposed to the leading flea, tick and pest control products? Most pest control products on the market contain a combination of chemicals, natural or synthetic, designed to affect the nervous system of the insect it is intended to kill. The chemicals usually work on an insect’s nervous system, causing paralysis and eventual death. The problem with most of these products is that the chemicals contained within are harmful to people, other animals, plants, beneficial insects, and the environment . . . not to mention children and pets.

Nature-cide flea and tick spray, along with their other insect control products, differ greatly from the majority of widely available pesticides and insecticides. Nature-cide products contain no chemicals or poisons. You may wonder, “Are these products as effective as the chemical-based products?” According to Nature-cide, their poison- and chemical-free products are highly effective, due to the formulation of ingredients in each product and the manner in which the formula works on pests. Each product formula is made from enzymes that are completely harmless to people, pets and the environment, but are highly effective at killing insects or repelling larger pests such as snakes or mice. The enzyme formula, which is comprised of a mixture of essential oils, causes a reaction on the protein exoskeleton of an insect, causing the skeleton to shed and the insect to die. For larger pests, the fumes caused by the enzymes force the pest to immediately retreat from the sprayed area. 

Despite the fact that Nature-cide’s sprays are highly effective at eliminating these pests from your home and yard, you can feel completely at ease using them, knowing that they are not only natural, but so harmless that it is safe to get the product on your own skin! The Nature-cide formula contains no DEET, plus you can spray around kids, pets and plants without worrying about any negative effects, and you don't have to leave the area for a prescribed amount of time as with many pest control treatments. In addition to fleas, ticks and other nuisance insects, you can effectively treat bed bugs with a convenient airline-approved travel spray, or keep rodents out of your home and yard with Nature-cide's repellant, which also works on snakes.

Most pest treatment options require either a careful regimen of properly storing and using the product to avoid any dangerous exposure, or the expense of hiring a professional to come into your home with treatment products that are potentially dangerous. When you choose Nature-cide, you can take control of your home and yard with the exact products to fit your needs. Nature-cide products can control your pest problem without putting your family, pets or the planet at risk.

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