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November 21, 2017 / 10:31 am EST


Island Time Pets
Island Time PetsJun 23, 2013
Nautical Knots for your Pet

If you've ever witnessed the affection between a dog and his rope, then you'll understand why "Captain" Dave, the founder of Island Time Pets, created a company to make natural, durable dog and cat toys out of rope. In the quest to find greener, healthier products for our families, including our furry family members, it can become frustrating when they don't quite meet our expectations (or don't exist!). You might find out that your dog's chew toy contains chemical dyes, or that the expensive environmentally-friendly pet toy you just bought was destroyed in five seconds. The truth is, there are many products out there that claim to be one thing, but can't live up to their claims. When you give your dog or cat an Island Time Pets toy, your delight at the quality and durability will only be matched by your pet's delight at his new favorite toy.

It only makes sense that somebody who grew up around boats, sailing, and the ocean would be an expert at tying knots. But how did David Bill turn his lifelong love of knot tying into a pet products company? Dave spent most of his life teaching sailing at his Island Time Sailing School, but he also spent many a happy day in the company of his yellow lab, Ceilidh. In order to provide his dog with the healthiest and best products available, he searched for toys that were made in the United States, were high quality, and showed care for the environment. Sadly, he didn't find much. One day, he realized that one of the activities Ceilidh liked most was playing with the lines from the boats he was sailing! That's when he was inspired to combine tying knots in ropes with pet toys.

Island Time Pets makes quality dog toys, cat toys, leashes and collars. The dog toys are made from 100% cotton line, and the cat toys use 100% seine line, a cod fishing tool. Each type of toy has its own special knot. For example, dog toys utilize traditional nautical splices that are hand sewn with wax sail twine. Cat toys use a nautical monkey's fist knot. Any hardware used in the leashes or collars are imported bronze for strength and durability. Every item from Island Time Pets is handmade in Massachusetts, with materials made right here in the USA.

Knot tying is considered by many to be an art form. Your pet may not appreciate the beauty of their new pet toy, but you will! Each hand-tied knot is made to withstand hours of play. Some pets love their Island Time Pets toy so much, they nap with it after they're done playing. If you've ever bought a pet toy that either didn't last, or didn't entice your pet in the least, then you'll appreciate Captain Dave's efforts to offer products that are both functional and beautiful. Cat toys from Island Time Pets can incorporate catnip (rub it on the toy), so your cat will be highly intrigued. One product, the Cat Nip-n-Grip, was tested at the local shelter, It's All About the Animals, to ensure cats found it amusing and useful. Now, every time one is sold, 25% of the profit will go to the shelter.

Your pet's collar and leash need to be durable, stylish, and comfortable. The collars and leashes offered by Island Time Pets are all three, plus they are made from all-natural cotton rope, a perfect pick for pets with sensitive skin. The nautical inspired collars and leashes, with durable bronze snaps and rings, are also heralded by customers with performance dogs for their understated look and usefulness during competitions. All collars and leashes are sized to be just right for your pet, with varying lengths and rope diameter to fit the size of your cat or dog.

It shouldn't be hard to find toys and products for your cat or dog that are useful, good-looking, and healthy for your pet to wear or play with. That's the philosophy Captain Dave used when he founded Island Time Pets. Now, the proof is in the pet! The minute you see your pet fall in love with her nautically-inspired pet toy, you'll understand why "knot" all pet products are created equal!


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