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November 21, 2017 / 10:30 am EST


Paw Luxury
Paw LuxuryDec 23, 2014
Eco-living for the Everyday Dog

Some people say that dogs are man’s best friend. There are also people who would go so far as to say that dogs are part of man’s family. Paw Luxury is a dog supply company that values dogs as members of the family.

That means that Paw Luxury offers high quality, often holistic and earth-friendly products that are at accessible prices for the “everyday dog” and their human companions. They offer products that strengthen the human and dog bond as well as supporting the overall health of your dog.

They also make it a point to use green, sustainable or recyclable materials in their day to day operations. Saving the environment doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the joy of pampering your dog. Paw Luxury defines luxury as “your dog living the good life: wellness with some pampering thrown in. We believe you can combine green living with the comforts of luxury living for a healthier life now and for future generations.”  Paw Luxury is committed to offering high quality goods that are also eco-friendly. They do their best to get you products that are organic, and from sustainable sources. Their mission as a company is to be both earth and people friendly.

This company makes it a point to be socially responsible. They care about what’s in their products, how they’re made, where they’re made and who it is that makes them. They also support charitable organizations by funding specific projects, by donating products, or their time to assist non-profits.

Paw Luxury’s commitment to high quality eco-friendly products is evident when you go to their web page and browse through the various items they have for sale. From dog treats to dog clothes, and from dog beds to dog toys, they have everything you could need for your furbaby.  One of the more popular dog treats in Paw Luxury’s store is the Bully Stick. They come in several different options, one of which is made in the USA from grass fed, free-range cattle. They offer Odorless Bully Sticks which are made from Brazilian cattle raised without antibiotics or growth hormones in their systems.

These Bully Sticks are a high protein chew that will keep your dog busy for a long time. They’re also free of wheat, soy or corn products, have no artificial colors or flavors, and are 100% digestible. As a bonus, the methods used to manufacture the Bully Sticks are human grade.  If you happen to subscribe to a vegetarian lifestyle, or your dog has a sensitivity to animal products, there is a line of treats that you can choose from at Paw Luxury. Called Kelpies, they are made from oat flour, flax and kelp. They come in a wide variety of flavors, like Apple Splash, Blueberry Wave or Cranberry Cove.

If you want your dog to have the most natural chew toy on the planet, Paw Luxury has that too. Elk and moose antlers are perfect for even the toughest dog jaws. Antlers will keep your dog occupied for hours, while also cleaning their teeth and massaging their gums.  Antlers are also sustainably harvested, naturally shed from elks living in the Rocky Mountains once a year. They are processed the smallest amount possible, then washed, and ready to go. No preservatives or chemicals necessary.

If your dog loves rope toys or stuffed toys, but if you’re concerned about the fibers or fillings found in most conventionally made dogs toys, Paw Luxury carries Earth Dog hemp rope toys and hemp stuffed bones.  The Earth Dog hemp rope toy is made from 100% Romanian hemp, and is extremely durable. It’s also eco-friendly and easy to hold onto with three large knots in the rope. The Earth Dog hemp stuffed bone is soft enough for your dog to snuggle but durable enough for some rambunctious play time.

Paw Luxury also carries high quality all natural dog supplements, such as Cosequin DS Chewables for joint health and Plato Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for cardiovascular and immune system health. They also carry Bach Rescue Remedy, a very popular, natural anti-anxiety remedy for dogs with emotional issues.

It doesn’t end there. Paw Luxury also carries dog jackets and sweaters, dog bed and quilts, strollers, crates and ramps. Professional quality grooming tools, customizable ID tags, waste removal devices and eco-friendly doggie bags are also available.

Whatever your need for your beloved canine companions, the highest quality and most eco-friendly products can be found at Paw Luxury.


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